WhatsApp Finally Begins Testing Encrypted Cloud Backups

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One privacy flaw with WhatsApp, a very popular chat app has been cloud backups. These cloud backups provided by Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud are unencrypted which means if search warrants are issued by authorities, these companies can hand over access to your data.

This is why people prefer other messaging apps with tougher privacy features like Signal and Telegram.

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It’s worth noting that WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for messages within the app. The platform even had to use its Status feature to reassure its users about its privacy policies.

One of its updates informed users that WhatsApp can’t see its user’s personal messages since the app offers end-to-end encryption which means that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see the content of their messages.

WhatsApp is now working on independently encrypted cloud backups to ensure your chats are more secure.

If you decide to use encrypted cloud backup, you’ll have to not forget your passcode – if you do that, you’ll lose access permanently.

Even WhatsApp or Facebook can’t help you get back to your chats as they don’t store your password.

Another thing worth noting is that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encrypted backups support encryption keys to help you restore your password.

The key contains numeric digits and lowercase letters between a and f.

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