Why use a smartphone for vlogging, and features to look for


First, let us acknowledge that vlogging has become an effective way of earning. Many people make a good life out of it. And, many businesses produce successful vlogs to drive customer engagement. As the popularity of vlogs skyrockets, so do the demands for better content and quality. Even though you have amazing content, the way you deliver it plays a huge role in your vlog’s success.

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Mobile phones have long started a fight against digital cameras for a superior recording experience. As we all know, you need not have a separate vlogging camera for this purpose. You can simply use a smartphone. In this blog, we will detail how you can use your mobile phones to replace vlogging cameras. Sell my mobile for a vlog camera? No way!

What is vlogging?

Let’s cover the basics quickly. Vlogging is a shortened term used either for ‘video blogging’ or ‘video logging’. It is the act of using short videos to be informative, entertaining and anything else you want to be. Vlogging does not have to be about earning revenue. It can be something simple as expressing one’s self to the world. That’s what makes it interesting.

Why use a smartphone for vlogging?

For a long time, digital cameras ruled the world of vlogs. But with the technological advancements, smartphones boast better qualities than a camera. Let’s take a look at some reasons why.

1. Quick to use:

When you have a whale doing a flip in the background, you cannot be wasting time attaching your camera to your gimbal. In the case of mobile phones, you can quickly turn on the camera app and start recording. Without having to rely on a gimbal or messy settings for that matter.

2. Less weight:

If you are going to buy a digital camera or a camcorder, you need to carry a dedicated bag around for that. It is obviously heavier than a smartphone. Smartphones are a pocket-friendly alternative and let you be creative anytime you want.

3. Minimal learning curve:

Unlike cameras, you need not have much to learn when it comes to smartphones. You already use it in your day-to-day life. Moreover, it takes a short time to learn about the various vlog-specific settings.

4. Wide focal length:

Yes, cameras do offer a wide focal length. But for a steep price and a bulky lens. Wide focal lengths are necessary to film without the use of a stick or another person. Also, you can easily add a unique and wide perspective with the mobile cameras.

5. Affordable:

As said earlier, camera equipment costs way higher than mobile equipment. Even the gimbal prices differ by a steep climb. If you already have a mobile with a good camera, you only need to invest in other small vlogging equipment like ring light and gimbals.

6. Livestreaming:

One thing you cannot do with a camera is live-streaming. When you have a huge audience, you need to drop your live videos sporadically to keep them engaged. And you cannot do that anywhere else other than a mobile phone.

Vlogging Features to look for:

Not all smartphones are suitable for vlog creation. This is why you need to ensure that the mobile you select has the following features. Also, be sure to ask yourself the following question: “Do I have to sell my mobile?”. Yes, if your current mobile doesn’t make the cut. Plus, you get money for selling old mobile phones.

1. Camera sensors: Look for samples online to make sure the video quality fits your requirements. 4K video recording is a must.

2. Auto stabilisation: It greatly improves the quality of your videos. Remember, quality equals views.

3. Decent processor: A good processor is crucial to make your vlogging experience smoother.

4. Supports video editing: It’s a given in most mobile phones. But look for inbuilt video editing features. Some mobiles do have special features for vloggers.

5. Good battery capacity: It enables you to record lengthy videos without any interruptions.


Do not discourage your creativity because of your budget. Instead, start your vlogging channel today by finding a suitable and affordable mobile phone.

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