Safaricom Discontinues Home Fibre App, Migrates Features to mySafaricom

safaricom wifi

Safaricom Home Fibre is the leading broadband provider for homes in the country.

It arrived late in the space, but thanks to its reach and marketing skills, the product continues to grow. And while Home Fibre is marred by controversies, the most prominent being the speed caps to tame resellers, it is still one of the most sought-after home internet products, provided you are in a connected region.

Home Fibre has also been served reliably by the Home Fibre app.

The application has been around for a long time, and it is a robust tool that visualizes your connections.

Safaricom says that it is going to discontinue the app at the end of August 2020.

This is not a surprise because we expected the company was planning to do so.

Specifically, Home Fibre features were integrated into the mySafaricom app, effectively making the main Home app an afterthought.

The development of the Home Fibre app has also been slow, and we haven’t seen any noteworthy features in it for a long time.

The company has also been trying to hone mySafaricom alongside the M-PESA app. The two utility apps are some of the most popular apps in Kenya, with millions of downloads.

One thing we will miss is the bandwidth utilization chart, but that is something that can be integrated into the Home sections of the mySafaricom app.

Safaricom has a bunch of apps out there, and it will be a good thing to see the carrier reduce them as much as possible because some of their offerings are replicated in other services.

In this case, it makes sense why Home Fibre services deserve to be part of mySafaricom app. We have also seen the same approach with the now discontinued M-Ledger app whose services (or most of them) are slowly making their way to the M-PESA app.

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