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Safaricom Home Fibre Down in Some Areas for More than 12 Hours

Update: Some users are reporting service availability. It, therefore, would seem that the issue is being rectified. Older story:  This is one of the times when...
Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom Intros Parental Control Tool to Home Fiber Product

Safaricom Home Fibre was launched more than two years ago. Its popularity has grown expeditiously, although it is not without controversy that has never...
Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom Home Fibre Launches in Nyeri, Reserves 4K Streaming for Platinum Subscribers

Nyeri Launch One of Safaricom’s popular products is Home Fibre. It was launched more than two years ago and has since covered an extensive...
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With mySafaricom, Why Does Safaricom Home Fibre App Exist?

Safaricom has tens of products that can easily be accessed on its phone utility app, mySafaricom. The evolving nature of the app is perhaps...
Safaricom Home Fibre

How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password

If you are among the 48,000 homes to have the privilege of being connected to Safaricom's Home Fibre then this article is meant to...