How To Choose the Right Safaricom Home Fibre Package for You


There are a ton of home internet products out there, but few have managed to remain consistent and appealing to consumers. One of them is Safaricom Home Fibre.

It launched a couple of years ago, and has undergone some changes to ensure that customers have the best experience.

With that in mind, we have been wondering how you as a user has managed to gain as much as possible using Home Fibre, and whether the frequency of use has grown or dropped following the ongoing pandemic.

A few things to note before we proceed

1.            People started working from home when the first case of COVID-19 was reported back in March 2020.

2.            Schools were also closed as more COVID-19 cases were recorded.

These developments meant that more people and students were stuck at home. And to ensure that groups that use internet services were served well, Safaricom doubled Home Fibre speeds to serve the affected groups.

In our latest video, we get into which the different Home Fibre packages are and what each offers to consumers and which is the perfect one for you.

Before you leave, we have since developed some tips about how you can avoid exhausting your Home Fibre Cap.

How To Avoid Exhausting Your Home Fibre Data Cap


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