Understanding Safaricom Home Fibre Plus, and Benefits

Safaricom Home Fibre Router
Safaricom Home Fibre Router

Safaricom Home Fibre is one of the leading products of its kind, and has since managed to oust others from their positions for some time now.

The product is offered by the leading telco, and is available in select places around the country, more so in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. The Home Fibre map also helps customers know if their area is covered, but if that is a bother for you, Safaricom’s customer care teams can always advise if your location is served by the service.

Since it was launched many years ago, Home Fibre has evolved. It now costs a little bit more, but the allocated bandwidth is higher than it was two or so years ago. For instance, the cheapest subscription, Bronze, costs KES 3000 for an 8 Mbps connection.

Also, and this you probably know, speeds are capped. For example, Bronze customers have a 500 GB allocation. Once that is exhausted, speeds are throttled to 1 Mbps. The rest of the packages have a 1 TB allocation, which once depleted, see customers access the service at a measly 3 Mbps.

Home Fibre Plus

Safariocm has been pushing the Home Fibre Plus product for quite some time now.

It is the same as Home Fibre, but you get to pay an extra KES 1050 for more resources. The resources are then availed on your line (works best if you are not at home).

This is what the Plus offers:

  • Minutes – 400
  • Data – 5 GB
  • SMS – Unlimited

The SMS are unlimited to all networks.

The calls can also be made to all networks.

The same amount of money would also give you the same resources on Postpay, so you should take not of that.


  • Bronze Plus – KES 4050
  • Silver Plus – KES 5150
  • Gold Plus – KES 7350
  • Diamond Plus – KES 13550

As said, the validity of the Fibre Plus resources will be the same as that of the linked Fibre package, and expire after 30 days.

The resources cannot be rolled over to the next month in case you fail to deplete them.

It is also not possible to purchase the Internet Plus resources independently from your Home Fibre subscriptions.

At the same time, you are not permitted to use your Internet Plus resources for premium rated services, international calls or roaming services. 

Buying Home Fibre Plus can be done from the mySafaricom app, or you can just dial *400# and follow the prompts.

Nominating another number for Internet Plus

A customer can opt to provide a different Safaricom number to which all the Internet Plus resources will be allocated.

Once allocated, you cannot transfer/sambaza your voice minutes, data bundles and SMSs to another number.

Finally, the Internet Plus Unlimited SMS resources are subject to a Fair Usage Policy.

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