Safaricom Home Fibre Charges for New Customers and Relocation Fees

New customers are also entitled to a cumulative reward of KES 3000.

Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom Home Fibre has seen hot debates over the years, and the recent one was about the speeds caps it introduced in March. If you have forgotten, the operator said that the bandwidth limit was well-thought and that customers wouldn’t exhaust that cap – but the whole idea was to tame resellers. Or at least, that was the argument.

Another development was the introduction of service/installation fees. In the past, Safaricom would install the Fibre system at a customer’s household for free. That has since changed, and routers are not even free anymore, primarily for relocating customers that leave their pieces behind.

So, currently, how much would it cost to enjoy the services of Home Fibre?

New Customers

New customers are required to pay the following fees:

  1. Service/installation fees at KES 3000
  2. Subscription fees. There are four plans: Bronze at KES 3000, Silver at KES 4100, Gold at KES 6300 and Diamond at KES 12500
  3. The router is free.

Now, you would be required to pay KES 3000 + subscription fee (say KES 3000 for the entry-level package) only.

New customers are also entitled to a cumulative reward of KES 3000. First, KES 1500 is awarded after three consecutive monthly renewals following a new connection.

The second KES 1500 is awarded after a further three consecutive monthly renewals.

You will lose the reward if your connection is inactive at any point during the eligibility period.

Existing customers

If you are relocating:

  1. You will not pay any money for reconnection
  2. Bring your router

If you leave your router behind, then you will be asked to pay KES 6500 for a new one.

And that’s all.

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