Do You Stream Football Matches on Phone? Nokia Thinks the G20 is Fitted for That


The football season is back! And well, this season has us glued on our screens following exhilarating matches from our favourite teams in various leagues around the world.

As the exciting matches continue, what better way to enjoy the happenings than on an affordable, secure, and reliable device?

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, gives you a wide range of budget-friendly smartphones with great specs that you will no doubt love, trust and want to keep. ‘

The smartphones also come with functional storage space for all your memories during this season.  One such phone is the Nokia G20.

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Equipped with a 6.5”(6.517“) HD+ display, you are assured a comfortable watching experience due to the large display and you need not worry about using the device in brighter light as the device comes with a brightness boost.

Had a busy day but still want to catch some match highlights? You need not worry about carrying your charger or power bank around.

You will love the Nokia G20 for its battery that lasts up to 3 days between charges ensuring that you do not miss any of the action.

In a celebratory mood when your favourite team wins, the 48MP quad camera, powerful AI imaging modes and OZO audio will be a great companion ensuring that you can capture the mood in the room in a clear and crisp way.

Your G20 comes with an 8MP front camera promising a great selfie experience. The device also comes with a 64/128GB storage ensuring that all your celebratory memories are stored away safely.

With three years of security updates, you can trust the Nokia G20 will be free from malware attacks and you will have a phone that you trust will stand the test of time and be a companion even after the current season is over.

The Nokia G20 also comes with the latest Android™ 11 and two years of software upgrades, ensuring that you will your device will always have the latest software and up to date.

As the football season continues, support your favourite team on a device that you love, trust and want to keep even after the season is over.

The G20 costs KES 18990.