LG’s Latest Giant TV Costs a Shocking KES 187 Million


If you were wondering about where to place your next few million, LG has an idea for you. It comes in the form of a 325-inch TV released in a line-up of others they call Direct View LED (DVLED) displays.

The sizes of the new DVLED Extreme Home Cinema line of Televisions range from 108-inches to 325-inches carrying resolutions from HD screens to 8K panels.

At $1.7 million (Approx. KES 187 million), the price tag on the 325-inch hulk of a wall-size display is as massive as the size and as heavy as its almost a thousand kilograms of weight.

LG will be joining other giants like Samsung and Sony in a market where they offer TV sets powered by millions of LEDs or micro-LEDs and large sizes to accommodate the expected picture quality.

Direct-view LED TVs use anything from between 2 million to 33 million diodes to create customized shapes for what goes to the display. This provides the ability to work with individual pixels, adapting to ambient light conditions and offering great contrast levels.

LG is keeping the brightness of their new humongous TV at around 1200 nits, which is as bright as a much smaller midrange or high-end TV, but still brighter than an everyday projector.

The 32 different variants that are coming in the new line of DVLEDs have the conventional 16:9 ratio, but you can go for 2k or dual 4K versions that offer an extreme 32:9 aspect ratio.

The UltraStretch ratio allows you to do two video sources at the same time, say watch YouTube on one screen and a game on the other. Smart TV functions are made possible since these products run WebOS with a controller box and the standard OS found in LG smart Television displays.

Because the screens are not sold in a physical store, users would have to go to the official website where they can place an order and request completely personalized services too. The company also offers twice a year technician visits for 3 years, a 5-year warranty, and delivers extra parts like power supplies for optimal operation. 

LG estimates that the cost of installation, warranty, and support for the 325-inch screen could total up to over $30,000 (Approx KES 3.3 million).

With all these details in mind, would you dig deep in your pockets to buy this TV that is as heavy as a Nissan Note, or even further to afford the mansion big enough to have it in?