MultiChoice’s DStv Internet is A New Fixed Internet Service, But South Africans Get It First


South Africa’s MultiChoice is known for its satellite TV service, DStv that has some of the best licensing deals in sports broadcasting.

It has also been supplementing DStv with new products and services as a whole. Just the other day, DStv announced it will be launching DStv Flex, which is a cheaper version of its Premium package at a reduced cost. The price cuts come from the idea that a customer can pick which channels to watch, making the whole service ‘flexible’ especially at times when there are no football matches to guarantee the high price of Premium.

Today, MultiChoice has announced the availability of DStv Internet, but similar to the aforementioned Flex, the fixed wireless access service is only available in its native South Africa.

First reported by BusinessTech, the development reveals that DStv Internet will offer internet services using a Wi-Fi router and a SIM card.

The service is also handy for groups that do not have access to fibre in their homes or residential areas, but want to access the internet using a variety of devices without making a dent on their phone plans.

According to MultiChoice, customers will be able to purchase any of the available three-monthly data plans. The plans are accompanied by DStv subscription packages. They are as follows:

  • 25 GB Anytime and 25 GB Night-time data.
  • 110 GB Anytime and 110 GB Night-time data.
  • 220 GB Anytime and 220 GB Night-time data.

DStv Internet will be complemented by an app called DStv Trusted Home. It is more of a utility app that will help customers manage their data usage, perform speed tests, access parental controls, and review connection requests.

The product is appealing, to say the least, and would make even more sense in other countries that DStv serves. Of course, only the future can tell if Kenyans will have it – which, in our opinion, we think is doubtful.