The Nokia T20 Could Spark Renewed Tablet Interest in Kenya if Priced Competitively


Nokia has since revealed the T20 tablet. It was not entirely a secret because the device was leaked widely.

For the most part, the tab looks like an excellent device based on sheer specs and price.

And here is a round-up of its specs:

4G support: Yes

Weight: 465g

Build: Glass front, alumunium back

Protection: basic splash resistance

Screen: IPS LCD, 10.4”, 1200 by 2000 pixels (2K)

Software: Android 11

CPU: Unisoc T610, 12 nm fabrication, (2×1.8 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55)

GPU: Mali G52

Memory: 3/32 GB, 4/64 GB

Cameras: 8 MP main, 5 MP selfie

Headphone socket: Yes

Battery: 8200 mAh, 15W fast-charging

Audio: OZO Audio and OZO Playback

Price: TBA

Other than the no-name chipset, which, through no fault of its own is little know – and has been making an appearance in the C-series of Nokia phones, the device looks capable for the most part. The screen and audio features are actually impressive for a tablet that will cost EUR 200 in the European market.

That means that it could sell for around KES 25000 or thereabouts when it launches locally.

The elephant in the room is if tablets are a thing now. Well, the short answer is that they are appearing to be making a comeback following years of absence from leading manufacturers.

Android tablets have never been great, mainly because their experience has always been an overblown version of what you get on your phone.

App developers have always prioritized honing their apps for the phone experience.

And that is exactly the opposite of iPads by Apple. They are the SI unit of tablets, and deservedly so because they are powerful little machines. iPads have since been supplemented with iPad OS, making them even more appealing to their Android counterparts.

Not to say Android tablet makers have been sleeping on the job. Samsung tablets have key features such as DeX support.

Huawei and Xiaomi have also been releasing tablets, albeit sporadically, and their creations have some form of forked software that makes the tablet experience a whole lot better than it was years ago.

Now back to the Nokia T20. It is showcasing potential, especially about pricing.

The tablet will also be packed with a ton of freebies.

According to Nokia, the ‘T20 joins the broadest fleet of Android Recommended devices (AER) that meet Google’s strict enterprise requirements, which means a device you can trust to support your business. The new tablet also works in harmony with HMD Enable Pro, the enterprise mobility management solution designed for ease of use and managing deployed devices from its one-stop-shop interface.’

The T20 is also complemented by a super slim charging case that delivers additional 18 hours of listening time, the compactness doesn’t compromise on sound quality.

It will also be accompanied by a Flip cover for extra protection.

Nokia has also partnered with Spotify that will see users enjoy songs and podcasts on the song-streaming platform.

Lastly, T20 users will also get one month of ExpressVPN trial.

And of course, you get two years of major software updates, and three years of security updates.

What are your opinions about the device?