Gearbox Challenge is a Two-Month Engineering Scholarship Program in Partnership with the EU, How to Apply


Some of us have probably heard about Gearbox, the Nairobi-based firm that provides tools, space, and training for Kenyan engineers and hardware entrepreneurs in Nairobi.

Other than that, Gearbox also offers its members mentorship, investment opportunities, and community development opportunities.

Gearbox has before worked with leading international corporations, including Autodesk.

It has also been offering training programs for engineering talent in Kenya. Its critical solutions and products include 3D printing tools, laser cutting tech, and electronic circuitry at its large campus.

Gearbox Challenge

This time around, Gearbox is organizing a fair that will last for two months.

Interested candidates have been asked to make their applications to be part of the 26 candidates that Gearbox will host. The candidates should be Kenyan.

Furthermore, according to Gearbox, the challenge is a great opportunity and platform for groups that want to meet their engineering dreams while under the firm’s lead.

To note, the challenge has been organized in partnership with the European Union (EU).

Other than the rigorous training session and mentorship, Gearbox says it will apply Human Centred Design, HCD, alongside Industry 4.0 Technologies to impart essential engineering skills to the students that will take part in the challenge.

HDC basically empowers engineers to design products and systems that address the fundamental need of those that experience a problem being addressed.

Industry 4.0 Technologies include the likes of AR, robotics, big data and analytics, the cloud, and cybersecurity, to mention a few.

How to Apply

Interested students should drop their applications here.

Just make sure you have submitted your essential credentials, and Gearbox will reach out to you if you are qualified.

The application process is already on, but it ends on October 18, 2021, so make sure you have checked it out before then.

Finally, some of past engineering challenges have seen finalists access the Gearbox incubator for six months or more and access to funds at KES 500K for the winning team.

As said, the challenge looks forward to nurturing young engineering talent and encouraging them to innovate useful products and services that will impact future generations.