Airtel Kenya’s Bazu Bundle Offers Up to 90 GB of Data Per Month

bazu bundle

Airtel Kenya has never shied away from launching affordable data packages.

This time around, the second-largest operator in the country has released a data package named the Bazu Bundle.

It is a monthly plan that will see customers get more data units at no extra cost.

The cheapest one is named Bazu 500. It allows Airtel customers to access 7.5 GB of data, allocated at 250 MB per data.

Bazu 1000 gives users 1 GB of data per day, which amounts to 30 GB in a month.

Lastly, Bazu 2000 offers 90 GB per month at 3 GB per day.

The packages can be accessed from the *544# menu.

It is worth noting that Airtel Kenya’s network is very good, but you have to be at locations where you can access 4G services. In the same breath, the company lags behind the likes of Safaricom, whose 4G coverage is at 96 per cent in Kenya.

Telkom Kenya has a similar product as well, which allows customers to access a gig of data per day over a thirty-day period.

Bear in mind that these are good packages, but we just wish the operator had additional coverage to appeal to as many customers as possible because those that have a robust internet reach offer their data bundles at a higher price.

Nonetheless, Airtel says it is committed to keeping offering its customers quality products and services, and greatly investing in its network expansion. This has been evidenced by the continuous rollout of new 4G sites along with the upgrading of its existing 2G/ 3G/4G sites to high speed 4G, across the country.

“We are delighted to launch these new data bundles that will offer our customers more data, more choice, and at no extra cost. This complements our network expansion exercise, where we have rolled out high speed 4G network countrywide. We believe in offering our customers innovative products and services that allows them to live their lives worry-free by staying connected to their friends and family, do their business, study and be entertained,” Airtel’s Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma