Narok County to Charge Up to 5 Million to Take Videos/Photos of Its Wildlife, KOT Reacts


Narok county will begin charging photographers and filmmakers up to 5 million to capture its wildlife. Narok county is popular with the Masai Mara National Reserve that is administered by the county government. Masai Mara National Reserve is the most visited eastern part of the Masai Mara. The Mara Triangle is the western part managed by the Trans-Mara county council under contract to the Mara Conservancy.

In an outdated county bill(2019/2020) shared on Twitter, The bill dictates the approved rates for photographers and filmmakers albeit in confusing terms.

Narok county’s 2020/2021 bill shares the same rates too as seen here(page 10).

Kenya Wildlife Service, the organization that manages most national parks in the country with the exception of Mara National Reserve has its own licensing fees.

  • Filming in parks is guided the films & stage plays act cap 222.
  • All applicants for filming in parks and reserves shall produce a filming permit from the Ministry of Information and Communications through approved agent.
  • Applications for filming shall be accompanied by a synopsis.
  •  Approved filming applications shall be subjected to filming fees as follows:-
  1. ​1 – 5  crew member  …………………………………..Ksh 8000 per week or part thereof
  2. 6 – 10 crew member ……………………………….Ksh 12,000 per week or part thereof
  3. 11 and above crew member …………….Ksh 20,000 per week or part thereof
  4. Where authority has a significant impact on the environment , the proponent shall pay 15% as environment restoration fees, which shall be the total sum paid to KWS during the filming ,that is, park entry, camping, filming and charges for services provided by the park management.
  • The filming fees does not include camping & park entrance fees or any service provided by the park management.
  • All filming fees shall be paid upfront upon approval.
  • Upon approval, the director shall subject the film maker to any conditions deemed necessary for better management of the film.
  • All film producers shall report to the respective park warden before filming.
  • Shall abide by all park regulations and rules.

The difference in terms of fees is stark and calls for why the very high fees that will extort creatives who plan on showcasing what the wildlife and more the reserve boasts of.

Here are other filming fees shared by Wikiprocedure:

No. of persons in crew Fee per week or part thereof

  • 1-5 persons K Sh. 8,000.00
  • 6-10 persons K Sh 12,000.00
  • 11- 20 persons K Sh 20,000.00

You can check the details here.

This revelation has angered Kenyans on Twitter and here are the best reactions:

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