Why Capital FM, Nairobi TV Could Be Shut Down


The Communications Authority of Kenya is the state’s ICT watchdog that ensures all matters related to ICT are run properly and according to the law.

Today, the Authority has announced that it will revoke, cancel or reject licenses for FM broadcasting frequencies of 128 broadcasters.

The extended list can be accessed from the CA social media platforms, but we will highlight the most significant station IDs. This is not the first time the CA is suspending broadcasters in 2021 because it has since done so for Mt. Kenya and SASA TV.

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The specifics include the revocation of four broadcasters (KOCH FM, Serian, Rware, and Western), who the CA says are holding expired FM frequencies broadcasting permits that have since expired. This is against the Authority’s regulations.  

The CA has also started the revocation of 18 FM radios because they are non-permit holders, and are yet to apply for broadcasting licenses. They include Chuka University and Rongo, among 16 others.

The CA has further initiated the rejection of 24 FM radio license applications for commercial and community broadcasting services. The reason for the development is that the applicants have not complied with the related licensing requirements. They include Peace FM, Upendo FM, and Mitume.

The CA is also planning to cancel 60 applicants for radio broadcasting licenses because they have not complied with the license offer conditions with the license offer period as prescribed by the watchdog. Some of the affected stations include Capital FM, Radio Umoja, and Hero FM.

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That’s not all: the Authority has cancelled19 applicants who had applied for commercial free-to-air (FTA) television broadcasting licenses but failed to comply with license offer conditions with the offer timeline. The affected stations include Youth TV, Nairobi TV, Bazaar TV, and Pokot TV.

The same cancellation has affected 3 other TV stations that applied for subscription broadcasting service licenses but failed to comply with license offer conditions within the offer timeline. They are Lancia Digital, Raia Television Network, and Qatken Digital.

It is illegal to offer broadcasting services without complying with the details stated in the Kenya Information and Communication Act, 1998.

Finally, it should be noted that some of these stations are online, but that is because the CA has given them 30 days to comply failure to which they will be shut down.

Full List: Find the entire list in the attached tweet below: