Twitter Testing a Dedicated Podcast Tab

Twitter Spaces Dedicated Tab

Audio has been the focus of Twitter since it launched Spaces and audio tweets.

The social media platform is now working to bring podcasts on its app – at least according to screenshots shared by reverse engineer Jane Manchun.

The screenshot goes ahead to show that Twitter is adding a separate Podcast tab on its app. Strangely enough, it replaces the Spaces icon on the bottom navigation tab.

Just like the other features Twitter launches, this feature has been received with mixed reactions – receiving equal love and hate. The bottom navigation tab is getting a little too crowded when you factor in the communities tab and spaces tab.

It’s unknown if Twitter will go ahead and launch this feature publicly and how it plans to hosts podcasts. Or if it plans to acquire podcasts that will be housed exclusively on Twitter.

At the moment, Twitter offers users the ability to record Spaces for later listening.

Twitter is also working on more features.

The company is testing letting people upload 1080p videos from the app and website. There’s a catch though as this feature is exclusively vaialbke for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter is also testing longer video uploads up to 10 minutes.

Another feature they’re working on is letting people create communities without the need to submit a request for one. This will let people create communities with no requirements to be met.

It’s also unknown if this feature will roll out to all users.

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