Jiji Rebrands Cars45 to Jiji Cars


Ecommerce platform Jiji has renamed Cars45 to Jiji Cars.

Jiji acquired Cars45 in mid-2021. Cars45, or rather Jiji Cars, is a tech platform that allows sellers and buyers of African used cars to understand conditions and value and exchange cars quickly and safely.

The deal, nonetheless, sought to consolidate Jiji’s position as the leading online marketplace in its native Nigeria and the continent.

The agreement saw Jiji merge the operations of Cars45 in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

The merger of operations promised a new level of trade experience for auto buyers and sellers across the three countries. Joining the Jiji family allowed Cars45 users to benefit from Jiji’s market-leading products in online classifieds.

In turn, Cars45 brought a unique O2O car buying and selling service, where cars can safely be sold instantly to dealers or via a consumer marketplace to other consumers.

Since launching in 2014, Jiji has connected buyers to sellers in Nigeria and has helped facilitate the exchange of goods and services with ease and convenience. In eight years, Jiji has grown into a team of over 1000 people with 12+ million unique monthly visits, 4+ million active ads with a combined value worth $10 billion. Combining Jiji’s leading position with the Cars45 model brings to the market a new incredible story called Jiji Cars.

Our mission is to make the process of buying & selling cars fast, easy and secure through the digitalisation of automotive trading. As a result, every car seller can get the best price and immediate payment for his car on the same day he decided to sell it through a hassle-free and trusted selling process with Jiji Cars. On the other hand, every car buyer can use an inspection report based on 200+ factors to get a verified car to meet his expectations – Jiji Cars COO Maxim Makarchuk.