Spotify Adds TikTok-Style Vertical Scrolling To Its Podcasts Feed


TikTok and its algorithmic feed is so hot right now and every app wants to copy its features. The latest app is Spotify which is revamping its podcast feed.

Spotify recently acquired Pods for close to $50 million and now the company is testing a new UI toolbar that features a button to toggle your podcast feed into a TikTok-inspired feed.

The new vertical scrolling UI allows you to swipe through podcast previews(60 seconds) – you can swipe up to go to the next podcast clip or stay if it piques your interest.

The new vertical feed is powered by Podz algorithms and uses machine earning to generate the clips.

This feature looks handy if you want to diversify the kind of podcasts you listen to and coupled with Spotify’s powerful discovery – you might bump into an interesting podcast you wouldn’t have normally checked out.

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