Instagram Upgrades DM Inbox, Adds Polls, Music Sharing and More

You can now multitask more with the new Instagram DM features.


Meta is running new updates to its apps – from WhatsApp Voice Messaging, Facebook Messenger and now Instagram DM inbox.

Meta is adding really interesting features to Instagram’s Inbox in their aim to improve how users connect and share with friends. 

Here’s what you should expect – I’ve ranked them to what I’m looking forward to.

  • Replying to messages while you browse on your feed: I wanted this. This new feature will let you reply to your crush’s DM while you continue scrolling their past photos from like 2020 without accidentally liking those posts – lol. Facebook says that this new feature will make it much easier and more convenient to chat while on the app. 
  • Ability to meme-dump posts to your closest friends directly from the feed: If you have been on Instagram for long, you’ll know how hard it is to share a post with your friends. Instagram will now let you tap and hold the share button and you get a preview of your frequently messaged friends and then you share that post quickly without interrupting your experience browsing on the main feed as seen below.
Instagram DM Directly Share
  • Lo-Fi Chat Theme: Instagram is getting into Gen Z’s favourite Lo-Fi vibe. You can now try a Lo-Fi theme that features a cityscape scene.
  • Music sharing: Instagram will allow you to listen to a 30-second preview of songs shared on the DM for Apple Music, Amazon Music and soon, Spotify. Your friends can now listen directly from the chat instead of being redirected to the respective music apps.
  • Create Polls: You can now create polls inside the group DMs if you’re trying to figure out where to eat or what to wear.
  • Silent Messages: Instagram is bringing a feature from Messenger – the ability to add”@silent” to your message so you can message your friends when they’re busy or not active.
  • Status: Instagram DM will now let you know who’s online so you can chat with them.

All these new features are pretty welcome, especially if like me, you’re extremely active on Instagram.

Instagram adds that they will slowly roll out these new features in the coming days globally.

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