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Instagram Reels Remix

Instagram Brings Back Compose Button to the Bottom, Shifts Focus From Reels

Instagram has redesigned its home screen to bring the compose shortcut button to the shortcuts at the app's bottom. The bottom shortcuts originally had...

Instagram: Tips To Protect Your Privacy and Help You Stay Secure in 2023

In recent years, Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing photos and videos with friends and family plus also a platform to share your creative...

Instagram Upgrades DM Inbox, Adds Polls, Music Sharing and More

Meta is running new updates to its apps - from WhatsApp Voice Messaging, Facebook Messenger and now Instagram DM inbox. Meta is adding really interesting...

Unchain Yourself from Read Receipts and Reclaim Your Freedom

Read receipts are making it increasingly difficult to ignore someone when you hop back online. Although read receipts were made to enhance communication between...
Instagram desktop DMs

You Can Now Access Your Instagram DMs on the Web

Accessing Instagram DMs on the web has been one of the most requested features among others and the giant Facebook-owned photo and video sharing...

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