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Facebook Set To Integrate Messenger Rooms With WhatsApp

Facebook recently rolled out Messenger Rooms to counter Zoom which was quickly gaining popularity and now that feature is set to be integrated with...

Dark Mode for Facebook iOS App Imminent

Dark mode is everywhere on Facebook's family of apps that includes Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger except the Facebook app. Even the website now has a dark mode...
Facebook Apps

Facebook Working on a Way for Instagram Users to Communicate with Those Using Messenger

Early this year, Facebook announced that they are going to integrate its messaging services on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook said it was going...

WhatsApp Building a UWP Desktop App, to Soon Add Multiplatform Support

WhatsApp is reportedly building a desktop app that will work without having your phone nearby as it is with WhatsApp web version. The giant...

There Has to Be a Better Solution Than Breaking up Facebook

Facebook has had a rough couple of years but people calling for the scandal-ridden(data privacy and misinformation) social media giant to break up is...

Facebook Bids Farewell to Its Apps for Windows Phone

Facebook will pull its apps for the Windows phone platform come end month. The apps going away include the Facebook app, Instagram and Messenger...
facebook integrating whatsapp facebook messenger instagram messaging

Facebook Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messaging

Facebook arguably owns the biggest social media platforms today with each having over a billion users separate from the mother ship. We have seen...
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IBM to Acquire Red Hat, Tim Cook Calls out Tech Giants and Google to Offer Users More Privacy Controls

IBM is set to acquire Red Hat for $34 Billion in its big leap into hybrid cloud.

Facebook’s Portal is a Privacy Breach in Waiting, Microsoft Declares Love for Linux, We Learn That Google+ Isn’t Really...

Facebook Portal is the social media giant’s entry into the hardware realm. Facebook launched both Portal and Portal+, their new voice-controlled, video-calling device that...

Facebook Wants Banks’ Customer Data, Google Launches Cameos and Tech Giants vs Alex Jones

Facebook wants banks to share their customers' data, but would it be safe? Facebook last week announced it was asking U.S financial institutions to share...

Intel CEO Resigns, IGTV Launches, Facebook’s AI Fight Against Fake News

Instagram debuts their Youtube competitor, IGTV The long form video platform will allow anyone to upload videos either from the dedicated IGTV app or through...

Facebook Goes into The Dating Turf, Rolls Out More Snapchat Features at F8

Facebook announced quite a number of new features on F8, including a dating feature
facebook messenger valentine's day

For Valentine’s Day, Facebook Messenger Wants You To Declare your Relationship

During Valentine's day, people usually go the extra mile to treat their loved ones and as usual corporations want to get on this hype...
facebook messenger instant games

Facebook Launches Instant Games On Messenger

The birth of in-chat games is here
messenger at f8 2017

All the Improvements Facebook Made to Messenger As Announced At F8

Facebook added a bunch of new features on Messenger as announced on F8
facebook messenger 1.2 billion users

Facebook Messenger Now Has The Same Number Of Active Users As WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger now has the same number of users as WhatsApp and double Instagram's

Facebook Has Brought The Dislike Button And Mentions To Messenger

Facebook has announced reaction emojis for Messenger and Mentions

Facebook Officially Announces Messenger’s Version Of Snapchat Stories

Mark Zuckerberg is not done yet in making all of his apps have features we have on Snapchat. Today, Facebook has announced the Snapchat version...

Facebook Is Testing A Dislike Button Within Reactions On Messenger

Facebook expanded the like button in 2015 by introducing reactions, which was a great way of showing the appropriate reaction to a post rather...

Telegram Messenger Adds Custom Themes On The Android App

  Themes are not new in the market as we have custom themes on our smartphones or previously on social networks like Twitter where you...

This Is What Facebook Is Planning For Messenger In 2017

Facebook has big plans for Messenger in 2017

Group Voice Calls Could Be On The Way On Facebook For Desktop

Video calling has become the norm nowadays thanks to the plethora of apps then you at offer the service; from Google Duo to Hangouts...

Facebook Has Not Given Up Yet With Games As They Are Testing Instant Games on Messenger

Welcome to the new world of in-messenger app games

WhatsApp is More Secure than Telegram Messenger – Report

A report by Amnesty has found out that WhatsApp is the most "secure" messaging app available and it bested the likes of Telegram Messenger

Facebook’s New Creepy Test on Messenger Helps You Break The Ice

Facebook is testing Conversation Topics which is a way to help you break the ice with a friend in Messenger.

Facebook and Messenger Will Require More RAM To Run Smoothly On Windows 10 devices

Facebook has dealt a big blow to budget Windows Phone devices that run Windows 10 mobile

Facebook Messenger Has Rolled Out A Way For Its Users To Chat In Secret

Facebook has finished rolling out Secret Conversations to its Messenger users where now people can have a more secure way of chatting

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