WhatsApp Adds New Voice Messaging Features

Voice messaging allows for more expressive conversations


Meta-owned popular messaging platform WhatsApp is improving on its voice messaging feature to let you do more while on the app.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion people who use the app to communicate with friends and family. Among its many messaging features, the most used one is voice messaging.

A whooping 7 billion voice messages are sent every day on WhatsApp and the company is adding new features.

With rising call rates, voice messages are very popular on WhatsApp and the company adds that “Showing emotion or excitement through voice is more natural than text.”

Here are the new features coming to WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp will let you pause and resume your recording to allow you to gather your thoughts and avoid silent gaps in your voice message.
  • You can listen to the recording before sending
  • Voice messages will now use a waveform visualization instead of just a line.
  • If you pause listening to a voice message, Whatsapp will remember it if you resume listening so you don’t listen to the whole message from the start.
  • You can also listen to the voice message outside of that specific chat so you can resume messaging other people.
  • You can also play voice messages at 1.5X and 2x speeds for both regular and forwarded messages.

It’s worth noting that these features will be rolling out in the next few days. Beta users already have some of these features already like the waveform visualization seen below(Also, note the emoji message reactions).

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