Safaricom Moves Home Fiber Password Change Settings From Online Portal To USSD

Home Fibre Router

Safaricom was late to the fixed data market, but it has since grown to eclipse the competition.

Based on the latest stats by the Communications Authority of Kenya, the carrier’s plan, namely Home Fibre sits at the top of the charts with a 36.8% market share.

Here is how the rest compete:

Service ProviderSubscriptionsMarket share (%)
Wananchi Group229K28.7
Dimension Data11.1K1.4
Telkom Kenya4.4K0.6
Truth Wireless6000.1

Its popularity is with reason: the product beats its rivals in terms of reach, speed, and reliability, as well as customer care support.

Safaricom has also been expanding its FTTH services to more households across select towns in the country. The numbers have been growing quarter to quarter, thanks to the company’s aggressive marketing, and offering its product to regions that are not served by other companies. Mawingu, for instance, is limited to the Mt. Kenya region, whereas Zuku serves many customers, but in limited parts of Nairobi.

Managing your account

Previously, you could log into your router via the or portal.

However, these sites are no longer working.

According to Safaricom, it is moving the portal’s features to the *400# code, which is easier to access and manage.

Say you want to change your Home Fiber name or password, you can do so by dialing *400#, the choose option 5 (Manage Account).

The same code also allows you to refresh your router in case you are experiencing a slow connection.

While it makes the exercise easier, there are users who need more router adjustments that can only be accessed from the portal.

According to Safaricom, the portal will not be back, so those groups might as well start getting used to the USSD code.

Lastly, Safaricom says that it will bring more granular router settings to the code, so we will keep checking what else will be added.

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