WhatsApp Might Soon Be Accessed From Multiple Phones and Tablets


WhatsApp Messenger now supports multiple devices- at least when it comes to desktops. Users can access WhatsApp Messenger on their PC without necessarily maintaining an active connection on their mobile phones.

However, the multi-device feature is exclusively available for computers only at the moment. It is not available for mobile phones and tablets. To address this, WhatsApp is reportedly working on supporting companion Android devices.

Whatsapp Beta version

According to WhatsApp Beta for Android version, it seems like it will allow users to register an Android device as a secondary companion for their primary phone with WhatsApp on it.

Screenshots show the new WhatsApp section “Register Device as Companion”. The section has a description explaining that the feature will allow you to use WhatsApp on another device.


In 2021, it was hinted that multi-device 2.0 will allow users to sync their messages with other mobile Android devices. It was unclear previously if the functionality would be limited to classic secondary devices like tablets and Chromebooks. However, recent updates seem to point to support for mobile phones.

Showing status updates in the chats list

WhatsApp is also developing another new feature that will enable users to view status updates right within your chats list. This comes a month after introducing reactions to messages in chats.

The company has also announced that they are working on quick reactions for status updates as well. These updates are coming at a time when WhatsApp founders regret the $22 billion acquisition by Facebook in 2014.

Neeraj Arora, former Chief of Business of WhatsApp says, “I helped negotiate the $22 billion sale to Facebook. Today, I regret it.”

Neeraj Arora’s Tweet