Kenyan Podcasts Worth Listening To This Month

OVAReact Podcast

Podcasts are quickly gaining ground both locally and internationally.

Streaming platforms are making exclusive deals with popular podcasters.

Podcasts are here to stay are they are becoming important storytelling platforms. The good thing about podcasts is that they have the freedom to talk about anything and the themes are limitless. Even niche podcasts now have niche audiences. You can also listen to your favourite podcasts anywhere and at any time.

The best thing about podcasts is that they can be consumed passively as you can be doing other things especially now that most of us at home practising social distancing – some of us have made podcast listening part of our routine. Since I can fit it in my routine, I tend to binge-listen to a lot of them.

So here are my favourite Kenyan podcasts and I think you should check them out and give them a listen. I’ll share their Spotify or Soundcloud links or where you can generally find the podcasts.

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The Messy Inbetween

The Messy Inbetween is a podcast about life as it is. Messy. In love, work, money, relationships, friendships and everything in between. It is hosted by lifestyle content creators, Lydia Karleen Mukami and Murugi Munyi. The podcasts are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Pocketcasts, and more. Check them out here.

Cut the Foreplay

I’ve been a huge follower of Nadia Favre since the days of X FM(RIP). She started her own podcast called Cut the Foreplay. I love the random topics she discusses alone or with guests.

“Three seasons in this show has found its footing as unapologetically crass with a delicate combination of wit, whimsy and sweetness.”

It’s Not Just Taxes and Death

It’s Not Just Taxes and Death is a new podcast from BBC Journalist Priscilla Ng’ethe and Homeboyz Radio presenter, Calvin.

The podcast explores just about everything in between the time you start paying your taxes to death. But it’s not as gloomy as it sounds.

The podcast is available everywhere even on IGTV.


Otherwise is Brenda Wambui’s podcast that discusses Kenyan current affairs that don’t get covered by mainstream traditional and new media.

It is available everywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Omenerds podcast

Omenerds is an interesting podcast that discusses topics surrounding millennial life. However, they haven’t posted any podcast this year.

The previous episodes such as this one are worth listening to.

Listen here.


Afracanah is a podcast hosted by Nomusa and Adedana that discusses African current affairs including the African tech space, boss ladies, dating, development tropes among other topics such as Beyonce.

The podcast is available on Stitcher, iTunes and Soundcloud.

2 Girls & A Pod

2 Girls & A Pod is a literary podcast hosted by Beverly Ochieng’ and Nyambura Mutanyi talking stories from Africa and all over the world.

Nipe Story

Nipe Story (Tell Me A Story) is a fortnightly Kenyan podcast that gives a voice to written short stories. This podcast is hosted by Kevin Mwachiro.

The Spread

The Spread podcast is hosted by Karen Lucas and is Africas’s biggest sex-positive podcast.

The podcast is available everywhere.

Legally Clueless

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality and social activist Adelle Onyango.

she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. The podcast is a space where people get to know just how okay it is to not know or not have it all figured out.

It is also a space where Africans share stories from their lives; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh – real, authentic African stories.

They just surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify. Adelle Onyango recently signed a book deal to co-author a book with J.J Lanji Ouko. The book documents the voices of survivors of rape, observers, family members, activists, nurses, lawyers and many others, who offer a glimpse of the different perceptions of violence.

My favourite episode is the latest one where she interviews Georgie Ndirangu.

Legally Clueless is available everywhere. They recently partnered with Trace East Africa to broadcast on radio twice a week making it the first Kenyan podcast to be syndicated.

The Elephant

The Elephant is a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present, to fashion a future.

The Metta Podcast

The Metta podcast is dedicated to bringing you live recordings from Mettā events.

Too Simple

Too Simple is a lifestyle podcast that focuses on demystifying whether things are as simple as they seem. Tracey Gachie talks about different life topics and has intimate, real and relatable conversations with her guest who answer the question ‘Is it really too simple?’

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Surviving Nairobi

Funny, irreverent, ground-breaking, genre-defying and award-winning are all things that one day may be used to describe this show but for now, this is just two Nairobians in their twenties (and guests of course) talking about navigating life through the city and many other things (mainly many other things).

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


unpRAWvoked is hosted by Karigoh and is for anyone who wants to own their own voice.

The podcast is available everywhere.


Plot? is a podcast hosted by Alice Kanji and Denzel Maina. This show is very relatable, hilarious and is a good way to get your mind off the stress the world provides. These two and regular guests on the show find a way to talk about everyday issues, relationships and lifestyle matters in a way that makes you know that we all truly go through the same things!

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Jus Kidding

Jus Kidding is a weekly podcast meeting of the minds of Ayrosh & Chaxy where they explore current events and comedy (humour?) meet. Some jokes land, while others are cringe-worthy but don’t take them too seriously as they will often remind you that they are “Jus Kidding”.

The dynamic duo brings on a new riveting meaning to the bickering couple as they are both very opinionated and seem to disagree on just about everything.

The podcast is available here.


Perspective is another podcast by Adelle Onyango. The podcast is a safe space for women to share their experiences living in a patriarchal society and men can share their perspectives too.

At the end of each episode, it is Adelle’s wish that everyone either learns or unlearns something.

There are no new episodes but the past episodes are worth listening to.

The Mics are Open

The Mics are Open is a slightly skewed look at life through the lens of 3 radio presenters in Nairobi, Kenya. Every week G Money, Calvin and Andy Young chop it up on topics that they probably have no expertise in, but somehow it works!

The podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

Living Truthfully

Authentic conversations of an African Man, discovering self, owning choices, building spirituality, parenting, navigating relationships, work and business and all that is life.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Motherhood Podcast

This is a podcast where they explore more about maternal health, infant care, nutrition, vaccination, fertility and much more. Their goal is to share, inform and empower its audience with information they need concerning raising a baby and ensuring they enjoy being a mum and dad.

It’s on Soundcloud.

Hola Africa

Hola Africa is a Pan Africanist queer collective dealing with all things sex and sexuality.

It’s on Soundcloud.

Randy Radio

Randy Radio is also a sex-positive podcast with really interesting episodes.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

The Emotional Gangsta

The Emotional Gangsta podcast hosted by Lencer B is aimed at inspiring my fellow emotional gangstas to allow themselves to enjoy the full human experience aka truly live their best lives. Come expecting anything but guaranteed it will be worth your time.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Paukwa Stories

Paukwa Stories are audio stories about Kenya, from geography to history

It’s available everywhere.

Tela Wangeci

Tela Wangeci has a podcast where she has unscripted conversations with the most random topics with features from some cool guests.

It’s on Soundcloud.

No Idea

No Idea is a podcast hosted by Miss Kadzitu where she talks about single living in Nairobi plus other random topics in between.

Melanin Medicine

Melanin Medicine is a podcast hosted by Nkiro where she talks about various random topics. The name of the podcast comes from a caption she got from Instagram.

It is available everywhere.

Mukami Speaks

Mukami describes her podcast as a haven for all things relatable.

It is available everywhere.

Out The Booth

This is a Kenyan music podcast focusing on emerging artists and select industry issues.

It’s on SoundCloud.

This, That and More

This, That and More podcast talk about current affairs, legal issues, real-life issues and everything else in the middle that happens to us every day and how we react to them.

In their latest episode, they look at how Safaricom’s MPESA product disrupted the financial sector in Kenya and why MPESA should be disrupted by something else.

It’s on Stitcher.

The Edygrim Experience

The Edygrim Experience is a YouTube podcast hosted by DJ Edygrim, a rock DJ in Kenya where he gets to interview Kenyan Rock personalities and lead singers of your favourite Kenyan Rock bands.

It’s on YouTube.

The Blaze Podcast

The Blaze podcast is also hosted on YouTube. Catch all episodes here:

The Dug Out Podcast

This is a sports podcast for football lovers.

Listen here.

The BenchWarmerz Podcast

For all sports lovers, there’s a podcast for you. The BenchWarmerz is Kenya’s only comprehensive and hilarious Sports Podcast.

It’s on Soundcloud.


Afrosport is another sports podcast to listen to. They haven’t posted a new episode for a while now, but the past episodes are worth listening to.

Burudani Express

Burudani Express is the first Kenyan swahili music podcast that samples the latest music from East and West Africa and inspires upcoming artists through exclusive interviews with best performing artists and music legends.

It’s on Soundcloud.

Dickens Olewe Podcast

If you’re a journo, then this is the podcast to listen to where Dickens Olewe, a BBC journalist shares his opinions.

Listen here:

It’s on Soundcloud.

The Kisscapades Podcast

The Kisscapades Podcast is an amazing Podcast that evolves around the 4 pillars of life in the 21st Century including health, wealth and happiness.

It’s available on Spotify, Castbox and Podbean.

The Double Life

The Double Life is a podcast hosted by Maria Mwangi where she discusses various topics from depression, anxiety, fear, trauma, addictions, and how all these cause us to live double lives.

It is available on Player.FM

Here are other Kenyan podcasts worth listening to:

We’ll update this list with more podcasts. Now go binge-listen to new episodes from your current podcasts and or new podcasts!


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