Must Have Podcast Apps


If you’ve recently taken up podcasting, you’ll realize there’s a lot of podcast apps out there. Podcasts are a good way to catch up on your favourite topics from tech or pop culture as its more passive and you still get the insights you want. If you are not into watching podcasts on YouTube, then here are the best podcast listening apps


Spotify is a lot of things. You not only get to hear your favourite music artists as it’s among the best music streaming services but you also listen to your favourite audio shows. The company has really invested on podcasts – they acquired Gimlet and Anchor early this year and they have started to reap the benefits as its podcast audience has doubled since the year began and has grown by over 50 per cent since the last quarter.

The app doesn’t have as many settings or controls as dedicated podcast apps but it still does the job. You can follow your favourite podcasts as a way to subscribe to them, queue up episodes, speed up the podcasts(I play my podcasts at 1.5x).

You can also make playlists out of podcast episodes which comes handy if you’re making collections for repeat listening. You also get editor-curated playlists such as Your Daily Podcasts and Your Daily Drive.

Here’s how to set up Spotify app and account in Kenya.

This is a highly recommended podcast dedicated app and caters for all people from first-timers, heavy listeners and casual listeners. The app has a nice user experience and looks that allows you to get on your podcasts. When you open the app, the first thing you see is the podcast tab of shows you’ve subscribed to.

With Pocket Casts, you get a refined podcast experience and defined podcast functions.

Pocket Casts recently went free for its app download and they have launched a subscription service under a new business model.


If you are a minimalist and a power listener, then Overcast is for you. It has a clean and simple interface, powerful features like voice boost which enhances and normalizes speech volumes(for poorly produced conversational podcasts), smart speed and you can share clips on Twitter and Facebook.

Overcast is only available for iOS users


Castro is another iOS exclusive podcast app that lets you manage your podcast queue with an inbox-centric user experience. If you like to bring order and control to your shows, Castro is a good alternative app.

Podcast Go

Podcast Go comes with basic features such as search, subscribing and downloading episodes, speed playback, sleep timers in a nicely designed app.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict has a huge library of shows, audiobooks and live streaming radio plus features like variable playback speed and skip silence.


With Podbean, you can search for new or trending podcasts by categories or get recommendations according to your previously listened shows. You get volume boost and variable playback speed to make for a better listening experience. You also have Alexa integration, Chromecast support and Android Auto support.

Google Podcasts

Google recently got into the podcast business with its own app. Google Podcasts is a fairly standard app with speed controls, skip silence features in a simple app that works well if you are a first-timer.

More Apps

There are other interesting podcast apps such as SoundCloud, BBC Sounds, Spreaker, Stitcher, Breaker, Castbox, Himalaya(more personalized as you get suggested playlists for different times of the day), Luminary and Laughable for comedy.

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