AI-powered tools have grown tremendously in the past few years and they are now venturing into the content writing, copywriting and blogging industry. These AI content-generating technologies aim to help people to create high-quality content with minimal effort.

The latest one is Miriam – an AI marketing Assistant bot that lives on WhatsApp. Miriam’s purpose is to generate high-quality engaging and creative content for digital agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs with products that need to be communicated to clients and consumers.

Miriam is powered by Kenoobi AI and is built by Kenoobi Group and Growthpad Digital.

Miriam has multiple use cases to choose from:

  • Generating Social Media Content: LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, tweets, hashtags, and even TikTok content ideas
  • Generating Blog Content: blog ideas, titles, outlines, blog intros, paraphrase tool, and bullet points to a full blog
  • Generating E-commerce Content: Marketing ideas, product benefits, product descriptions, brand names, slogans, and email subject lines
  • Web content: page headers, descriptions, headlines, meta descriptions, slider text, and subheaders
  • Digital Ad Content: Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads and TikTok ads.
  • Sales Content: Marketing strategy, Sales emails, Sales strategy, Rewriting, Pitch Yourself

To get started, you need to provide some input through instructions, examples, or a combination of the two. You have to provide enough information for Miriam to know what you want and you should proofread your request a sit will assume your spelling errors are intentional.

You can format and edit the generated content to suit your preferences.

Here are some examples we got to try out and the results are impressive.

Miriam AI Blog Intro
Miriam AI Marketing Strategy
Miriam AI Sales Strategy

At the moment, Miriam is generating content in English and the company adds that she is in the process of learning additional languages. Updates will be added for free to make her better. You also get to own every content generated through your account by Miriam as it’s copy-righted to you.

There’s a free trial when you start and your account has 1000 word token that expires in 13 days. The bot lets you know how many tokens you’ve used and the remaining tokens too.

If you like Miriam, you can top your tokens via Card, PayPal and MPESA:

  • Ksh 500 – 2000 word tokens
  • Ksh 1000 – 5000 word tokens
  • Ksh 2000 – 20000 word tokens
  • Ksh 5000 – 30000 word tokens
  • Ksh 10000 – 75000 word tokens

Check out Miriam on WhatsApp.