All Instagram Videos Under 15 Minutes To Be Treated as Reels

We’ll also consolidate the video and Reels tab on your profile, so there will be one home for all of your videos. - Meta

Instagram Reels Remix

Tiktok is the leading social media platform right now. No one would have thought that a social media app that was created after the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram could surpass them all in terms of the number of users and popularity.

The short-video sharing platform had also sent other social media companies into panic mode. These companies have since launched replicas or outright knockoffs of TikTok: YouTube has Shorts, Facebook and Instagram have Reels, name them. Still, these replicas have not managed to reach the popularity of Tiktok, but the rivals are not stopping.

Instagram has now revealed that all videos under the 15-minute will be made as a Reel. We do not know what necessitated this change, but the idea is rather obvious: Instagram wants to push Reels.

First launched in the picture-sharing app, Reels have since been moved to the Facebook app as well.

Nevertheless, here are some things that users should note. Videos posted before this change will remain as videos.

Also, Instagram is now merging the video and Reels tabs into one.

Instagram has been making a lot of changes to how people consume videos. Some time back, it introduced IGTV which allowed users to upload portrait clips. IGTV even had its separate app, but it would appear that it did not receive a lot of use cases, so the project was axed.

Statements from Meta

Since reels offer a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos on Instagram, we’re bringing these creative tools and the full-screen experience to your video posts, too. In the coming weeks, new video posts shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as reels. Videos posted prior to this change will remain as videos and won’t become reels.

If you have a public account, your new videos – now reels – may be eligible to be recommended and seen by more people on Instagram. This currently applies to reels that are under 90 seconds long. If your account is private, your reels will still only be shown to your followers.

We’ll also consolidate the video and Reels tab on your profile, so there will be one home for all of your videos.

We’re always working on ways to improve your Instagram experience. We’ll continue to build features that make it easier and more fun to create and share reels on Instagram.


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