New Crypto Coin HypaSwap Launched to take on Decentralized Lending and Borrowing


The core aspects of the HypaSwap platform are Lending and Borrowing. HypaSwap aims to ensure hassle-free transactions and fair practice, making this coin as user-friendly and smooth running as possible. To achieve this, the coin has several measures in place relating to collateralization and liquidity pool conditions. HypaSwap aims to become a hotspot of the ever-growing decentralised economy.

Similar to other liquidity protocols, HypaSwap deals with multiple tokens and currencies. The native token of HypaSwap is $HYPA, which is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does Lending and Borrowing with HypaSwap work?

Users can lend their assets to the HypaSwap protocol, creating a liquidity pool of multiple cryptocurrencies. Every transaction made this way will make a derivative on the deposited amount with a 1:1 valuation. This can be then stored, traded, and redeemed.

Meanwhile, the borrowing function enables users to borrow funds out of the liquidity pool in exchange for collateral. In order to do this, the collateral has to be 150% of the borrowed amount and repaid with interest.

HypaSwap Security

Many people are anxious about the security of cryptocurrencies. Used to the system of fiat currency like pounds or dollars, the transition into crypto can feel concerning and uncertain. However, Hypaswap is doing everything in its power to prove the security and legitimacy of this coin.

With HypaSwap, comprehensive audits conducted by well-known and trusted security organisations are ensured. Meanwhile, the HypaSwap Protocol is introducing Safely Module and Bug Bounty programs.

HypaSwap Incentives

HypaSwap is built on a fully decentralised community. As a result, the coin’s users interact together to foster the development and administration of the HypaSwap Protocol.

By creating an analysed and controlled distribution of the $HYPA token, HypaSwap is one step ahead of other DeFi protocols. A small percentage of the $HYPA tokens will create the $HYPA reserve. Users of the coin will have complete control of this reserve, with the aim of incentivising the HypaSwap system. This guarantees the coin’s growth, innovation, and development. From the $HYPA Reserve, a small amount will contribute to the initial insurance deposit of the HypaSwap Safety Module, always putting security first.

There will also be a periodic release of $HYPA to reward token holders, for example, liquidity providers and software developers who improve the quality and liquidity of the ecosystem. This gives back to the community responsible for developing the coin’s growth.

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HypaSwap (HYPA)

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