What is Dark Mode? – Why it is important?

Dark Mode on A Phone
Photo Courtesy: Dark Mode on A Phone

You may have heard of the dark mode or have already started using it already. What is dark mode and why is it important to you?

The dark mode is a display setting that is meant for user interfaces and is available on different applications on both smartphones and laptops.

Essentially, all smartphones come with a default light mode on all the applications as well as user display. Most devices have the dark mode set on the notification tab where users can get to choose between different modes such as the dark mode, night mode, and black mode.

Dark mode will swap the default color mode on devices from lighter backgrounds and colors to darker backgrounds. This means that you get to have a lighter font on a dark background. The mode is considered more elegant and appealing to most users but it has added benefits for users.

Benefits of dark mode

  • Users who use dark mode reduce eye strain at night and reduce the effect low light has on your eyes. It has a more relaxing effect ensuring that you get to view text easily.
  • The blue artificial light emitted from most devices is reduced thereby enabling you to fall asleep easily.
  • The dark mode saves your battery life. You are able to use less energy while operating your device for longer durations.

Setting up dark mode

Head to Settings > display and brightness then select dark to set your device to dark mode.

If on Android, Head to Settings > Display > Advanced then select a dark theme to turn the mode on.

Even though the dark mode is beneficial to you. It also has its own cons. It can be sometimes challenging to read some text in dark mode. This can cause eye fatigue as text is always in a light color against dark backgrounds.

However, this should not deter your from using the dark mode at night. If you aim to protect your eyes and sleep well, choose the dark mode.