Dark Mode Finally Comes to WhatsApp



After years of waiting and anticipation, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has officially joined the dark mode bandwagon. We’ve been patient enough since they began testing in their beta apps. People wanted dark mode so bad, they enrolled in the beta program that soon got filled up.

With dark mode gaining support and momentum in various apps in recent years and system-wide dark mode on mobile operating systems such as Android 10 and iOS 13, it was about time WhatsApp jumped in. However, they took their sweet time even when rival messaging apps shipped this feature quickly to users.

As a treat this week to its over 2 billion users around the world, WhatsApp is rolling out dark mode to its official Android and iOS apps over the next few days.

Ensure “readability” and maintain “information hierarchy.”

WhatsApp has implemented dark mode differently for its Android and iOS apps- Android gets white text over a very dark blue background with teal accents while iOS gets a nearly pure black background with blue accents. WhatsApp says they considered system defaults on the different operating systems to reduce eye strain.

How to Enable Dark Mode

For Android 9 and above users, head to the three-dot menu on the WhatsApp homescreen, go to settings then chats and select themes(this option sits at the top) and switch between Light and Dark themes.WhatsApp dark mode Android

For iOS 13 and above users, head to WhatsApp settings and select dark in the display and brightness option.WhatsApp dark mode iOS

Just update your Android app or iOS app to get the dark mode.

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