Google Schedules Second ‘for Africa’ Event in October


Google has scheduled the second virtual Google for Africa event for 2022, which will be held on October 5.

The show follows a similar one that was held in 2021 for the first time, where the search and ad giant announced a plan to invest $1 billion over the next half a decade to support initiatives that will see improved connectivity, as well as investment in startups to boost the continent’s digital transformation. It is also part of Google’s plan to have a voice and reach in the lucrative African market that is up for grabs from other leading tech corporations, including Microsoft and Amazon.

Its mission in Africa has since been amplified before. Specifically, Google will require people working on its Africa initiative to have a passion for solving hard problems alongside technical skills to help them realize their mission in Africa.

Understanding how people across the continent use their phones every day and the challenges they face will be an added advantage.

Also, Google estimates that Africa will have 800 million internet users and one-third of the world’s under-35 population.

To this end, the corporation seeks to develop helpful products which support entrepreneurs and small businesses which underpin Africa’s economies.

In line with this commitment, Google opened an AI research center in Accra, Ghana to help drive useful innovations. The launch of the product development center in Nairobi is said to be a continuation of the same commitment.

Furthermore, this momentum will increase as 300 million people come online in Africa over the next five years. Many of them are young, creative, and entrepreneurial, and they’re ready to drive innovation and opportunities across the region.

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“A vibrant internet is critical for businesses and organizations in Africa. Google is committed to making the internet more helpful. Since opening our first office in Africa in 2007, we have been collaborating with partners so that everyone can benefit – through our products and initiatives,” says Google in a statement.

Application details about joining the event can be read here.

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