Top Web Hosting Companies in Kenya Recommended for Startups

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It’s more than three decades since the launch of the first ever website on 30th April 1993. Today, a website is nearly a prerequisite for every business in the world- from local startups to multinationals. Contrary to what many expect, websites will never become obsolete. New and revolutionary web technologies are emerging almost on a daily basis.

What keeps websites afloat over the decades is mainly the room for creativity they provide. Websites are highly customizable for solving a wide range of problems- From E-commerce and blogs to complex web-based ERP systems. Websites boost an organization’s online presence as well as a public trust. Custom domain email accounts, among other benefits, come along with investing in the web.

Unfortunately, very few companies can afford their servers. The majority tend to rely on web hosting companies. Businesses chose between shared hosting and dedicated hosting packages depending on the need case. After a thorough comparison and professional review, these are the top, and the best web hosting companies in Kenya recommended for startups.

Disclaimer: Techweez does not endorse any web hosting company. This article is based on balancing the features against cost and reviews from an independent online survey.

1) Hostpinnacle Kenya

Hostpinnacle Kenya tops this list of the best web hosting companies in Kenya. The company is popular for providing free lifetime domain names. This simply means renewal subscriptions apply to web hosting only, excluding domain registration. With as low as KES 2,000(approximately $18), you can get a world-class hosting package at Hostpinnacle.

Hostpinnacle packages have FREE features such as:

  • Site Building Tools
  • SEO building tools
  • SSL certificate
  • M-pesa integration

Other features include unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, and VPS hosting.

2) Chajio Cloud

Chajio Cloud has different affordable packages suitable for small businesses and SMEs in Kenya. Notable features from their packages include:

  • Supports Node, React, Python and PHP
  • Unlimited addon domains, email accounts, and bandwidth
  • Softaculous scripts installer

3) Truehost Cloud

Truehost Cloud offers relatively affordable domain registration and web hosting services. Notable features from Truehost include:

  • Free SSL
  • Multiple subdomains(unlimited)
  • Many Databases(unlimited)
  • Unlimited email accounts, among others.

What to consider when choosing a hosting service provider

Quota Limitations: A good hosting plan should have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited addon domains, and unlimited email accounts.

Inodes: This refers to the number of files and directories allowed in a hosting plan. A standard one should allow at least 200,000 inodes.

Cost and Billing cycles: You should go for the affordable hosting service that allows multiple options such as monthly, annual, or even biannually billing cycles. Again, you should check whether subsequent renewals are higher than the 1st year billing.

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Shadrack Matata is a popular Kenyan electrical engineer and senior software developer. He has vast knowledge in backend technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cyber security.


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