Interesting Facts About Dash Crypto


The cryptocurrency market is developing welcoming more new promising projects. The most popular and valuable of them are those with real use cases. For example, platforms that enable fast and cheap money transfers worldwide have received incredible popularity in the last few years. One of such projects is Dash. Let’s discuss what coin Dash is used for in this article.

What is Dash?

Dash is a crypto platform that enables fast and cheap currency transfers globally. Dash crypto acts as an intermediary between different currencies and works with PayPal and bank cards. It is an open-source platform that provides a decentralised method for money transfers. As of mid-October 2022, the Dash crypto price is $40.52.

Some facts about Dash:

  • The platform implemented an instant money transfer service, “InstantSend”. Transfers are confirmed within 1.3 sec for those users who want to pay the commission.
  • Dash is based on the Bitcoin codebase. It is suitable for all exchanges and wallets.
  • Dash is actively used by many online shops.
  • Dash ensured totally anonymous money transfers. There are some reasons why people choose to remain anonymous when sending money worldwide, do Dash provides this option. 
  • Dash is a Bitcoin competitor because Dash’s mechanism of reaching consensus is much faster and easier than that of the market leader Bitcoin.

Dash crypto is available on all popular crypto exchanges. Due to its technology, this coin is pretty popular, so it has all the chances to increase its value.  You can buy coin Dash on the WhiteBIT crypto platform. It is suitable for beginner traders and investors for it has a user-friendly interface, and its tools can be customised according to a user’s needs. WhiteBIT ensures a high level of safety for your investment, implementing complex mechanisms for protecting every client account.

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