iPhones Can Now Access Safaricom 5G Services

Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro lineup

Safaricom launched 5G services just a couple of days ago. However, availability is limited to select places, and you need to have a compatible device to access it.

During the official roll-out of the service, Safaricom announced that 5G could not be accessed on Apple devices (iPhones). The telco had also revealed that it was working on ensuring that such customers are served, and this was to be actualized in the form of sending an update to iPhones, specifically for the Kenyan market.

The update has since been sent, meaning that you can browse on your iPhone using 5G speeds.

There are a few notes you need to be aware of, though. 5G is fast and has a ton of new tech that goes beyond faster internet speeds. Compared to its predecessors, 5G technology has low latency, meaning it is easier to support other new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual reality, which is another major advantage of 5G. Moreover, owing to its low latency it makes browsing easier, thus improving user experience. 

Based on its higher bandwidth, 5G offers better transfer of data, hence boosting the connectivity amongst devices and the overall user experience.

That is not all because 5G provides users with a seamless transition of services between cellular devices and wireless Wi-Fi, which makes performance better overall. This is also another key point of 5G. Furthermore, fewer 5G towers can also offer users better bandwidth.

In the same breath, faster speeds imply that your data is going to get exhausted faster. But Safaricom has already thought about that and will be releasing 5G-specific bundles next month (December).

Safaricom also has another 5G product, but this is for customers who are not served by Home Fibre but need its benefits anyway. It is named 5G Home Wi-Fi, and it is accessible in the same places where 5G is commercially available.

5G Locations

KajiadoOloitoktokOl Tukai
KakamegaSichiraiKakamega State Lodge
KiambuKiambu TownRiverview estate, Golden Palm, Silver Gardens
KiambuRuakaTwo Rivers Mall
KiambuRuiruJerusalem, Mugutha, Murera, Murera Matangi
KisiiKisii CBDKisii CBD, Kisii Bus terminus, Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kisii University
KisumuKisumu CBDKiboswa, Maseno University, Lower Riat Estate, Kisumu Airport, Mamboleo Estate, Kisumu CBD, Kisumu Bus Station
MachakosKamuluKamulu Stage
MachakosAthi RiverBaraka Gardens Estate, Acacia Estate, Osoit Gardens Estate
MombasaLikoniMombasa Hospital, Fort Jesus
NairobiKilimaniYaya Centre Mall, Kiluwa Apartments, Silverstone Apartments, Yaya Apartments, Kasuku Court, Abi Allan Apartments, Mango Court Apartments
NairobiLangataUhuru Gardens
NairobiSouth CPark View Estate
NairobiWestlandsSafaricom HQ
ThikaJujaJuja South Estate, Murema Estate, Sunset Park, Oak Park Estate

For now, we will wait for the telco to push the service to more areas, and we will update you when that happens.