ChatGPT to be Available on Azure OpenAI Service for Businesses to Utilize Advanced AI Models

Microsoft CEO and Board Chair Satya Nadella

Microsoft has made Azure OpenAI Service, which includes access to advanced AI models like GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL-E 2, available to businesses.

These models are supported by the enterprise capabilities and optimized infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, allowing businesses to create cutting-edge applications.

Additionally, customers will soon be able to access ChatGPT, a version of GPT-3.5 that has been fine-tuned and runs on Azure AI infrastructure, through Azure OpenAI Service.

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In November 2021, Microsoft introduced Azure OpenAI Service to provide customers access to large-scale generative AI models with the security, reliability, compliance, data privacy, and Responsible AI capabilities of the Azure cloud and computing infrastructure.

Since then, the company has observed a wide range of uses for Azure OpenAI Service by customers, such as matching shoppers with the right products and summarizing customer service tickets, which allows employees to focus on other important tasks.

Customers of different sizes and industries are using Azure OpenAI Service to improve user experiences and streamline internal processes.

Examples include startups like Moveworks and multinational corporations like KPMG, who are utilizing Azure OpenAI Service for advanced use cases like customer support, customization, and data analysis through search, extraction, and classification.

The release of Azure OpenAI Service is a significant achievement for both customers and Azure itself. The service provides businesses and developers with high-performance AI models that can be used at a production scale with industry-leading uptime.

The same service is used by Microsoft to power its own products, such as GitHub Copilot, Power BI, and Microsoft Designer. All of these innovations are built on Azure’s purpose-built, AI-optimized infrastructure. Azure is also the core computing power behind OpenAI API’s family of models for research and developer production.

Azure is the only global public cloud that offers AI supercomputers with massive scale-up and scale-out capabilities, which is why leading AI companies like OpenAI, Meta, and Hugging Face continue to choose Azure to advance their AI innovation.

It currently ranks in the top 15 of the TOP500 supercomputers worldwide and is the highest-ranked global cloud services provider, it continues to be the cloud and compute power that propels large-scale AI advancements across the globe.