This Safaricom Portal Consolidates All M-PESA for Business Services Under One Roof

From left, Airtel Networks Kenya CEO - Ashish Malhotra, Safaricom PLC Interim Chief Financial Services - Boniface Mungania and Telkom Kenya Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer - Julius Cheptiony during the launch of Merchant Interoperability Paybill

In the past, applying for Paybill numbers, M-PESA tills, short-term Paybill, or bulk payments accounts was a long and tedious process. At one point, applicants had to physically submit application forms at Safaricom Shops. However, we are pleased to know that this is now a thing of the past, thanks to the launch of a digital platform in 2019. Safaricom has further improved this process by launching an M-PESA for Business portal that appears to be an upgrade from the previous self-help website for these applications. The portal consolidates all M-PESA for Business services under one roof, making the exercise even smoother and better.

Buy Goods Till

The M-PESA Business Till/Buy Goods allows business owners to accept payments through the till and use the collected funds for various transactions such as paying other businesses or mobile numbers, paying utility bills, withdrawing cash, and selling airtime to customers. It is ideal for businesses like retail stores, supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants, and salons that do not need to gather extra information from customers.


This enables customers to instantly pay their bills or buy products and services by transferring funds to the paybill accounts of organizations.

Bulk Payment/Business to Customer

With the Bulk Disbursement service (B2C), an organization can quickly and easily send payments to individual mobile phones in real-time using a specific M-PESA shortcode. Examples of payments that can be made using this service include salaries, dividends, and Sacco payments.

Short-term Paybill

Short-term paybill is a service that enables fundraising for various purposes such as medical bills, funerals, weddings, education, and charitable causes such as funds for disasters or funerals. It provides different options like the Fund, Funeral Fund, and Education Fund.

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Hot to Apply

Simply go to

On the home page, you will see two buttons: one for applications and another to view your applications in case you have a pending Paybill/Buy Goods application with Safaricom.

Clicking on the “Apply” button will take you to another page with all four features mentioned above.

Depending on what you want, you can proceed to apply. The process is straightforward, and you will be notified of all the documents you need to submit for your application to be approved.