E-taxi App Little Introduces Family Wallets for Shared Trips


Little Cab has been operating locally for a long time, and it is one of the few e-cab apps that started offering its services beyond the confines of Nairobi.

The company has since expanded its products and services, and features a ton of them (deliveries, film bookings, healthcare services such as visiting a clinic, and more) in what you can now refer to as a ‘super app’ – although Craft Silicon, the company that develops and maintains the app, is yet to call it so.

Little also serves customers in other countries such as Uganda and Tanzania, and is planning to set up shop in Ghana – if it hasn’t done so already.

Now, the latest addition to the Little App is a service called Family Wallets, which is live in version 1.0 of the app.

According to CEO Kama Budhabhatti, the feature has been requested before by many customers.

It basically allows family members to share a wallet when taking a trip. This means that a family member, say a minor, does not have to call a parent to pay for their trip. Instead, they can complete one by themselves because they share the same wallet, which also includes an M-PESA payment option.

The development also means that a current rider does not need to finish a trip for them to start another trip for a family member that wants to catch a ride with Little App.

“Harry Hare once told me that he uses Little for rides, and sometimes it gets hard when his family members uses Little for Rides and he has to wait for the Trip to end then he pays the Driver on behalf of the family member. So we introduced Family Wallets – we dedicate this innovation to Harry Hare. You can now share any of your wallet including MPESA to your Family Members in Little,” says CEO Kamal in a LinkedIn post.