myCounty App: Now in the Lake Region Counties

myCounty app launch Safaricom's Lucille Aveva with Bungoma Governor hold up MOUs

myCounty app, a tech platform aptly described as “eCitizen but for counties” is now in 14 counties that form the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB). The app was launched for the first time in Makueni County.

It will provide an open architecture to support services for the 14 counties, including revenue management and citizen services. The telco’s new partnership is another step that is aligned with its vision to be a purpose-led technology company by 2025.

Lucille Aveva, Safaricom’s Director of Customer Obsession reinstated the telco’s commitment to the Lake Region Economic Bloc. She voiced her belief that technology will help the counties perform their tasks and roles easily. She added that the myCounty app will transform the lives of the local communities as a result. 

According to Lucille, Safaricom is seeking to have mutual collaboration with both national and county governments. As a partner, Safaricom will help the counties address the technology-based challenges they currently face. This will help in their service provision and will also provide a platform for citizens to address their leaders. 

Partnerships aligned with development strategies

Kisumu County’s governor, Prof. Anyang Nyong’o was quick to appreciate Safaricom’s partnership with the regional bloc. During the event held in Kisii, Prof. Nyong’o urged other partners to join them and develop solutions aligned with development strategies. The Kisumu governor added that the development of LREB will rely on the high value of digital transformation.

myCounty User Friendliness

myCounty platform is accessible via multiple channels, such as USSD short code, Android and iPhone apps, and a mini-app available on the M-PESA Super App. This makes it a technology platform friendly for users in a region with a truly diverse demographic.

Safaricom noted they explore digital solutions that will not exacerbate the existing digital divide. This is important as recent studies show a growth in gender digital divide in Kenya.

Safaricom and the 14 counties of Lake region bloc ended the event by signing n Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The occasion was viewed as a chance to unlock development dreams and bring digital innovations closer to communities