FC Barcelona, Man City Open WhatsApp Channels

FC Barcelona WhatsApp Channels

 You now have a new avenue to interact with popular football teams like FC Barcelona and Manchester City. Recently, WhatsApp announced a channels feature. Since launching major world organisations have started forming their WhatsApp Channels.

Currently, WhatsApp channels feature has been rolled out in Singapore and Colombia. Globally, the app will roll out the feature gradually. If you’re in Colombia or Singapore now you can follow Channels for and you’re are a soccer fan you can follow Fc Barcelona.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has also launched a WhatsApp Channel. Manchester City, the current champions of Europe have also joined the list of organizations opening up WhatsApp channels. Other sporting bodies like Nascar have followed the trend

Among global bodies not related to sports, the World Health Organisation is among the first to make use of this feature. Users will get health updates and alerts when you via the channel.

However, WhatsApp channels are not yet available outside the two countries. WhatsApp is yet to indicate when the rest of the world will have access. Currently, one gets an error message if you follow a channel link. The message reads:” WhatsApp Channels isn’t currently available for you”.

WhatsApp Channels Error Message

Given the popularity of WhatsApp, it is clear many organisations will be setting up their own channels. For contrast, Telegram has had the channels feature for a long time. However, not many global organisations have taken advantage of the platform. We wait for WhatsApp to roll out this new feature to more countries.

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