Laser Lights And WIOCC Partner To Increase Africa’s Network Capacity


Laser lights and West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) have signed a 5 year contract worth $129 million to increase Africa’s cable capacity.

In accordance to the contract, Laser lights will employ WIOCC’s terrestrial and subsea cables for its services in and around Africa while WOICC will use Laser Light for its global connectivity needs and share the Laser Light service portfolio to its African clients.

“The opportunity to partner with Laser Light in bringing this transformational capability for businesses and consumers in Africa is a key stepping stone in implementing our vision “to make an enduring contribution to Africa’s communications.” The partnership also offers us the ability to flexibly extend reach beyond the current network footprint and to expand our existing solutions and infrastructure portfolio with new services and capabilities for our clients,” said Chris Wood, CEO of WIOCC. “This agreement enables us to do so in an accelerated and cost-effective way which is beneficial to our clients and shareholders alike.

The contract will be initialized at the end of 2023 with Africa taking part of the beta roll out program in partnership with Nokia.

Laser Light is the holder of an emerging global optical platform that provides first of a kind 21st century data service that will transform the way high volume data communications traffic is carried, distributed and utilized.