Zoho’s Privacy-Centric Browser Ulaa; All You Need To Know

Zoho Ulaa browser

Zoho, a global technology company recently launched Ulaa, a privacy-centered web browser. In a statement, Zoho said that the name originates from Tamil Language and connotes the beginning of a journey into a secured browsing experience.

Built specifically to help users to secure their personal data and activity, Ulaa has taken measures to protect users from any form of user-tracking or online surveillance. Some of the measures taken include the implementation of filters and an adblocker that can block a variety of online threats.

More people are becoming security conscious and want to do more to protect their privacy. In last year’s Cyber Security report, Norton reported 85% of global adults want to do more to protect their online privacy, with two-thirds of global consumers feeling that tech companies have too much control over their data.

DuckDuckGo is where many go to seek privacy, and here’s a new entrant in that space.

With its commitment to user security, Ulaa’s focus is in three main areas:

1. Privacy

Ulaa seeks to have users have complete control over their data while ensuring that user data is secure at all times. In addition to offering

personalized customizations

2. Productivity

Ulaa offers a variety of features aimed at improving productivity. From smart tab management and a tab manager that enables easy navigation. It also comes with integrated productivity apps such as Text2Speech, Zoho Notebook a dedicated note taking space across all tabs, Zia Search for existing Zoho users, and a password manager.

3. User Modes

Ulaa comes with 5 different browsing modes that are isolated to choose from. It offers an easy way to switch from the different modes based on a user’s preferred online experience.

It offers Dynamic URL Switching – this unique feature allows you to map your websites to specific modes.

The five modes are:

  • Personal Mode

This mode is designed for all your leisurely browsing activities such as scrolling on social media sites, streaming services and personal mail. It offers a perfect balance between professional and personal life.

  • Work Mode

Work mode is ideal for professionals who seek a distraction-free browsing experience improving one’s productivity while working online. It enables one enjoy access to work-related websites, applications and privileged company information with minimal distractions.

  • Developer Mode

Developer Mode is for professional web developers and testers. This mode comes with developer tools and suggested extensions for professionals.

  • Kids Mode

Ulaa’s Kids Mode is tailor-made to provide a safe and fun browsing experience for your children. With features such as Parental Control and Child lock to block inappropriate content and websites online, this turns the browser to a kid-friendly space.

Kids Mode is passphrase protected ensuring that your child can not access other modes.

  • Open Season Mode

Ulaa’s Open Season mode comes with zero privacy restrictions. With no protective features as with other modes, it’s similar to your average browser and allows access to all websites including.

The browser is free and currently available for download on all major platforms with the iOS and Android still in beta.