The Opposite of Ctrl Z When Typing

How to restore a text after pressing Ctrl Z

For a good number of people (if not everyone) who work with words, keyboard shortcuts are a friend and a lover. It helps to quickly type as it allows easy navigation through tabs, and proficiency with various combo keys speeds up the editing process and boosts productivity, thus saving time.

Most pro users prefer shortcut keys to accomplish repetitive tasks, which may create boredom and induce burnout and other related feelings of sapped energy that may reduce work accomplishments. So it’s better to make the work a type of a game – by using keyboard shortcuts – because naturally, humans get burdened by boring tasks.

Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative way of doing tasks, and there are several of them; the famous being Ctrl+A for select all, Ctrl+C for copying texts on Word and other text processors on laptops and desktops, Ctrl+X for cutting parts of editable text in a document, Ctrl+V for pasting, and Ctrl+Z for undoing an action while on the editing process.

Ctrl is a short form of Control, a special type of keyboard button categorized as a modifier key, meaning that it never works alone but when combined with other keys. That is why there is no noticeable effect on the computer screen when you press only the Ctrl, just like the Function (Fn) key.

Today, we look at what you should do after undoing a text part by Ctrl+Z. It may be mistakenly or consciously, but nothing can get you crushingly sad when you undo a whole text by mistake. Its effect can be overwhelming. You may think of retyping or rewriting the entire document because you lost it, but you don’t have to be worried. Take heart. There is a way to mitigate it;

How can you restore a text after pressing Ctrl+Z? Okay, you do it by Ctrl+Y – the simplest way to redo typing actions. Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y work hand in hand and let you work efficiently with words, proving more effective than a mouse which lacks this feature. Just hold the Control key and Y, and the undone text shall be restored.

While working on texts on your computer, remember you can undo and redo multiple actions not above 20 times, reverse and front.

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