Overview: The Difference Between Showmax and Netflix

which streaming service is the best between showmax and netflix?

Since 2015, the year Kenya ditched the traditional television model, its TV industry has experienced a seismic shift, with consumers moving to digital subscription-based TV and streaming platforms, the popular ones being Showmax and Netflix.

Showmax is a Subscription Video-on-demand (SVoD) internet platform by South African media brand MultiChoice Group. In comparison, Netflix was started by American billionaire entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997.

Watchers prefer online streaming services to the old broadcast way because of their wealth of content, not to mention affordable pricing and convenience; you can since Showmax and Netflix are viewable by phone, anywhere.

When was Netflix launched in Kenya?

Compare Showmax and Netflix

The first of these streaming services to launch in Kenya was Netflix on January 5, 2016, before Showmax followed suit exactly nine months later to go live on October 5. Interestingly, they were launched on the same day of the week, Wednesday.

In a 2021 SVoD services data, Netflix was the most-watched streamer in Africa, with over 2 million subscribers. Showmax was struggling to hit its first a million subscriber mark. Around the world, Netflix has a 238.4 million paying audience.

Showmax vs Netflix – content

Showmax and Netflix are powerhouses of original content. For instance, Showmax’s on-demand Original catalog is focused mainly on African entertainment with surprise hits such as Outlaws, drama series Single Kiasi, Crime and Justice, Igiza, and the Real Housewives of Nairobi, among others.

Consequently, Netflix also has cult classic African content such as Fatal Seduction, Married to Work, Family Feud SA, and Man of God in its library. However, Netflix is more popular with binge-able favorites like Ragnarok, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Squid Game, La Reina del Sur, Sweet Magnolias, and Peaky Blinders, which are not on Showmax.

Showmax’s biggest draw lies in its solidly crafted third-party films, especially those from HBO and Universal Pictures like Oppenheimer, White House Plumbers, House of the Dragon, Money Moster, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Sopranos.

Showmax and netflix price difference

Unlike Netflix, Showmax is additionally powered by sporting programs, and subscribers can watch the English Premier League, UEFA Europa League, MotoGP, and other live sports alongside accessing news channels Euronews, Newzroom Afrika, and Africanews in its Showmax Pro Mobile and Showmax Pro plans.

Compare Showmax and Netflix: Costs in Kenya (2023)

Judging by the different movies, series, TV shows, and other content by both Showmax and Netflix, it is difficult to decide which of these giant streamers deserves your money because all are trying to be everything to everybody.

So, which streaming service is right for you? It depends. If you want to put aside some spare cash, then Netflix is better because it is cheaper than Showmax. Those paying Netflix pay a minimum of Ksh200 for its Netflix Mobile, while subscription costs of Showmax start at Ksh300.

The most expensive streaming plan for Showmax is Showmax Pro, going for Ksh2,100 per month, as Netflix’s Premium plan monthly price is Ksh1,100 in Kenya. Here is a comparison of how Showmax packages stack up in prices with Netflix’s:

Showmax Kenya plansPricing per monthNetflix Kenya plans Pricing per month
Showmax MobileKsh300Netflix MobileKsh200
ShowmaxKsh760Netflix BasicKsh300
Showmax Pro MobileKsh1,050Netflix StandardKsh700
Showmax ProKsh2,100Netflix PremiumKsh1,100
You cannot watch Showmax for free in Kenya. However, when you are an Android user with the Netflix App, you will access a quarter of the total content in the platform by watching and downloading after activating the Netflix Free Plan, which began on September 20, 2021. Kenya is the only country in Africa with the program.
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