Made-in-Kenya Smartphones To Hit The Market In October

20000 made in Kenya smartphones assembled in Konza

Techweez can now confirm that affordable locally manufactured smartphones will be in the shops in October this year. Earlier in the year, President Ruto stated the government would collaborate with the private sector to roll out 1 million made-in-Kenya smartphones

In a speech at the US–Africa roundtable, President Ruto surprised Kenyans with the statement that the manufacturing plant had started production. “And just for your information, the factory is up and the first 20,000 units are out”: stated the President.

In what is a major breakthrough for Kenya, Techweez can confirm that the assembly plant is up and phones are in production.

On the assembly we are still in pilot. We are not in market yet but will be in October”: said a staff member from the consortium manufacturing the smartphones.

The smartphone factory is located within the Konza Technopolis in Malili, Machakos County

Price of Locally Manufactured Smartphones

A consortium of 3 companies was put together by the government. The companies are Chinese mobile device dealers Shenzhen TeleOne Technology, Safaricom, and Jamii Telecommunications.

Notably, Shenzhen TeleOne Technology is not new to cheap smartphone products.  The company is the manufacturer of low-cost Neon phones. The phones are sold to Kenyans via an ongoing partnership with Safaricom.

The Kenyan government has lived up to its promise to avail locally manufactured smartphones in the market. For the phones to be affordable price is definitely a factor. The government spoke of the Kenyan made smartphones retailing at just 40 USD.

At the time of the announcement, it meant Kenyans were looking at buying the phones at around KES 5000. However, the Kenya Shilling has been weakening against the dollar. With the slide expected to continue, Kenyans may be looking at having to part with KES 6000 come October to get one of the smartphones.

Definitely, the made-in-Kenya low-cost smartphones will be a game changer. President Ruto was keen to add that affordable smartphones are set to enhance digital access and inclusion in Kenya.

In terms of the hardware tech scene in Kenya, this is another milestone after the export of Kenyan Made Raspberry Pi Pico Boards.

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