New WhatsApp Passkey Feature Set to Enhance Security

Whatsapp Calls Hide Ip feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a security enhancement, allowing Android users to establish a password less passkey. After a successful beta testing phase held approximately a month ago, users on can now make use of the WhatsApp Passkey feature.

Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys 🔑 only your face, finger print, or pin unlocks your WhatsApp account.” WhatsApp wrote on X.

To establish a passkey, users must have an Android device running version 9 or later. Secondly, they should have a linked Google account, and an active lock screen. Lastly, one must have the latest version of Google Play Store installed.

A passkey is a concise combination of numbers or characters that acts as a confirmation of your identity, ensuring that only authorized devices can access a WhatsApp account. Setting it up is an easy process, as you can utilize your device’s face recognition, fingerprint sensor, or a PIN.

How to Create a WhatsApp Passkey:

  • Access your WhatsApp settings.
  • Select “Passkeys” and click on “Create a passkey.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • WhatsApp may prompt you to use your device’s screen lock for added security.

Currently, iOS users do not have access to this feature.

The new feature is set to make the use of traditional passwords redundant. Users will now rely on biometric data for identity confirmation. Meta has been enhancing security on its platforms and recently announced it is introducing End to End Encryption in Messenger. The company also rolled out Parental Supervision tools on Messenger globally.

Privacy and security are a huge concern for digital savvy app users. Due to this, Google has also joined the passkey trend. The company announced its adoption of passkeys as the default login method for personal accounts.