Work from Home

With the right ICT solutions, working from Home is set to boost productivity

According Gartner’s Update on Global work force trends (2019), the top three drivers of attraction remained compensation, work-life balance and stability in the workplace....

How to Buy Airtel Kenya Airtime Using This WhatsApp Tool

There are a ton of ways customers can use to load airtime to their lines. Mobile money services come to mind and serve as...
MTN Managed Services

IOT, 5G and the Need for Everything as a Service

Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G present a good opportunity for organizations to leverage managed services (everything as a service) to increase efficiency.
Google Photos

How to Stop Screenshots in Your Samsung and Xiaomi from Uploading to Google Photos...

I fell in love with Google Photos as soon as it was released to the masses several years ago. Here was a tool that...
new safaricom post pay

10 Things to Know About the New Safaricom PostPay

By now, the majority of us are aware that Safaricom refreshed its PostPay product to generally positive reception from customers. The operator, which has...
Bevon Moindi Bosco

Touch Movers Promises to Make Moving Houses a Much Painless Process

We must admit that there is nothing fun about moving or switching houses, especially in an urban setup like Nairobi. We have also heard...

Safaricom and Airtel Kenya PostPay Plans: Which is Better?

Safaricom has revised its PostPay product to appeal to more people now. For those who need how to hop in, here is a detailed...
new safaricom post pay

How to Join, Upgrade and Exit Safaricom’s New PostPay Plans

Safaricom has lifted the curtains off its new post-pay plan that starts at KES 1000 all the way to KES 10,000. This is the...
Mark Aswa, Gadgets Leo

Beating the Competition: E-Retailer Gadgets Leo Promises Two-Hour Smartphone Deliveries at Attractive Fees

E-commerce company Gadgets Leo promises original devices, efficient delivery and reliable after sale services for their smartphones sales.

The Liquid Screen Protector Scourge and Why You Need a Genuine Screen Protector

You may have seen people with briefcases in your favourite malls promising a new type of screen protector for your phone. The so called Liquid...

Airtel Kenya’s New #BeSure Out of Bundle Rates Are a Game Changer, Here is...

Millions of Kenyans browse the Internet everday from their mobile phones. We buy special Internet data bundles that are available at various price points....
Vivo v17 Pro Kenya

[Video] TekITnGo: Daring to Pursue True Perfection – Vivo Comes to Kenya

Tech companies are always on the race to be first as it carries some sort of pride and that is something Vivo knows very...
Mpost header

How to Register, Use and Make Sense of Mpost, Safaricom and Postal Corporation’s New...

On Friday last week, Safaricom and the Postal Corporation of Kenya revealed MPost, a digitized postal office box that is geared towards making sending...

Goby is the New Platform That Aims to Make E-Commerce Easier for Merchants

Goby ecommerce app targets small merchants and sellers to provide an easy to use platform to manage online sales from a smartphone.

Eliud Kipchoge Wants to Show that No Human is Limited, Safaricom Holds the Screens

This is going to be a big day for 34-year-old Eliud Kipchoge as he tries to achieve a remarkable feat to demonstrate how we as humans...

Branch Revamps Referral Program, Rolls out Flexible Repayments to Entice New and Current Users

Branch, a popular digital finance services app that launched in Kenya in 2015 boasts having over 2 million customers in sub-Saharan Africa. Since launching in...

Cloud Software Key to Streamlining Kenya’s Accounting Practices

Accounting is an industry that is undergoing a notable change in Kenya, mainly sparked by markedly vast advances in technology. The analysis of cloud...
Honor Vision

Here is What You Need to Know About Honor Vision TV, Huawei’s First Harmony...

This week, Huawei unveiled Harmony OS, a new operating system that will be used across a number of IoT devices, in addition to offering...
microsoft digital transformation future workforce

Microsoft Paints the Grave Nature of the Kenyan Cyberspace in New Report

Over the last several years, there has been a disturbingly high number of cybercrime cases across the globe. Kenya is one of the countries...
Mark Wilson SYSPRO

Future of Manufacturing is Bright as 53 percent Kenya Firms Plan to Automate Services

In a market that is striving to bump up the performance of its manufacturing sector, it can safely be concluded that the industry is...
Nikki Summers

Lack of Automation of Payroll Among Many Mistakes Made by East African Companies

Payroll automation firm Sage has been running its trade in the African market for an extended period. Amid its operations that serve several markets,...
MTN Managed Firewall

The Next-Gen Managed Network Security

MTN Managed Firewall Security Solution takes a collaborative approach across entire network infrastructure to enable security administrators deploy a broad and dynamic defense strategy for the long term.
inDriver Nairobi

inDriver Taxi App is in Nairobi: Here’s How it Works

inDriver recently landed in Nairobi making Kenya their third country in Africa following Tanzania and South Africa. inDriver joins other ride-hailing services including Uber,...

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati Clarifies Merger Deal with Airtel and State of Market...

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati has clarified some issues surrounding the operations and plans of the operator on its path towards growth. The carrier,...
Kenneth Odera - MTN Presales

Why Managed Security is The Way to Go for Modern Businesses

With Managed Security you leverage on third party’s constant R & D, specialized skillset, deep event monitoring and round the clock customer support all this on a flexible pay-as-you go pricing.
check credit report branch

3 Easy Ways to Improve your Creditworthiness

Creditworthiness is how a lender determines how worthy you are to receive a loan and what loan amount you are eligible for. The journey to an excellent credit score is an intentional and tactical one.
Kebaso Mokogi

How Telkom Kenya Leverages Caching and Peering to Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Telkom is planning to deploy higher capacity undersea cables that will see substantial improvement on its network, with the first phase of the project...
My Telkom App

Demystifying Telkom Kenya’s Mzito Bundle

Telkom Kenya’s data bundle plans have, for some time now, appealed to a lot of people, particularly the younger generation. While the telco targets...
Aggrey Wangwe, iBuild

Construction App iBuild Promises Accountability and Reliability for Housing Projects

It has become a norm that owning a home in Kenya is preceded by a series of bureaucracies and hurdles. This setback is associated...
MTN Disaster Recovery

ICT Disaster Recovery 101 and 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery and backup solution in place is inevitable because your peace of mind matters.
African Apps Market

Safaricom’s All In One Monthly Bundles Versus Ordinary Monthly Bundles Versus Platinum: Which Plan...

At the moment, there is no shortage of data plans from Kenya's mobile operators. All of them have their strong suits and setbacks, which...

The Impact of Lake Hub on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Dorcas Owinoh

In the recent years, Kenya has seen an increase in innovative and scalable ideas which offer a much-needed solution to the challenges we face...
MTN Business Brighter Lives

Software Defined Networking: Next Step in Networking Evolution

A Network Engineer’s perspective As more and more people get online, so does the number of devices including network nodes, servers and end user devices....
Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom’s Home Fibre App Subtly Explains Plan Offerings, Read Them

I have had my fair share of issues with Safaricom’s Home Fibre product for some time now. This post, however, is not based on...
showmax mobile

TV Shows You Can Binge Watch On Showmax in 2019

Showmax is one of the top online video on demand services that we have in the country. They have a huge collection of TV...