airtel shitfs new out of bundle rates

My Experience Using Airtel’s Amazing Data Bundles

With increasing data costs, most internet users have now become more cautious about how they spend their money especially concerning data bundles. Most telcos...

Kwese TV Exit Limits Alternatives to Multichoice’s DStv for Premium TV

  Most of you may have read that ECONET-owned Kwese TV, whose presence in the Kenyan market is a little over two years shut down...
Airtel Amazing Data Bundle

What You Can do With Airtel’s Amazing Data Bundles

Airtel's Amazing Data Bundles pack more value so that subscribers don’t have to pay more to connect with their friends and family or browse the internet.
Safaricom Home

With mySafaricom, Why Does Safaricom Home Fibre App Exist?

Safaricom has tens of products that can easily be accessed on its phone utility app, mySafaricom. The evolving nature of the app is perhaps...

What Next After Alpha? Kamal Bhattacharya Opens Up On Taking the Plunge

Kamal Bhattacharya, previously at IBM, iHub and most recently at Safaricom's Alpha is onto another job, a startup.
Huawei Y9 (2019)_3

Living with the Huawei Y9 (2019) – It’s Not Just About the Cameras

For over two weeks now, the phone that I have been carrying around in my pocket has been the Huawei Y9 (2019). By now,...

Celebrating Women in technolgoy Takes Center Stage of Upcoming African Women in Technology Conference...

Research shows that technology and an equivalent of related courses are considered to be a "males" forte, besides Kenya being ranked as one of...
MTN Software defined Network

MTN Business Kenya Launches Faster, Secure Software Defined Network for Enterprises

MTN Software Defined Network (MTN SD- WAN) is a software driven network that simplifies management and operation of WAN and increase applications visibility.

Bringing Convenience to Commuters; How BuuPass Does it Through APIs and Partnerships

Formerly known as Magic Bus, BuuPass has quickly grown into a startup making major strides, partly thanks to a $1 million cash prize they...
Telkom Kenya Plaza

Telkom Kenya Eyes 5 Million Subscribers as Mobile Money Slacks

Kenya’s ICT watchdog the Communications Authority (CA) released sector statistics for the fourth quarter of the financial year 2017/2018. As usual, the report highlights...
Sharon Holi - Head of Masoko

How Safaricom’s Masoko Plans to Grow E-commerce Penetration – Interview With Sharon Holi

The telco business in the Kenyan market has been a success story especially for market leader, Safaricom. The company has never shied away from...

Here is What Business Analytics Firm SAS Thinks of Kenya’s Data Protection Regulations

We caught up with David Cosgrave, who serves as the Pre-Sales Director of SAS in Africa. Mr. David was in a group of other...
Amer Atwi - Telkom Kenya

How Telkom Kenya is Innovating Around the Customer

Telkom Kenya's journey to a customer centric brand and the impact this has had on customer experience.
managing social media pr disasters

So What if Your Brand is Caught up in a Social Media Crisis, What...

Social media disasters are the one thing both brand managers and companies wish to never deal with. But what do you do when they happen?
Android Apps

Top 5 Android Customisation Apps to Try out This Week

The beauty of Android is the customisation options it offers its users and making your phone stand out from the rest. Below we will...

Phones a Typical Kenyan Might Have Owned in the Past

Mobile phones have been used in Kenya for a relatively short time in comparison to the country’s age. Safaricom and the now called Airtel...
Roina Ochieng

From Hyped Evangelism to Skill Development – Growing Africa’s Tech Communities

  Over years we have witnessed the growth of tech communities across Africa, where these forums are filled with experts from various tech-related backgrounds. These...
Safaricom Data Limiter - BLAZE

Using Safaricom’s New Data Manager, Here’s What We Found Out

Just the other day, Safaricom's CEO, Bob Collymore announced that the company was working on a new data manager that would be an answer...
Isabella He - X-Mall Operations Manager

Infinix Steps Into the E-Commerce Market with the Launch of X-Mall

Infinix is a company that has not been shy to try out new things, the company has thrown itself in the wearables mud by...
CBA Loop

CBA Loop Revamps Payments Feature, Makes All Transaction Fees Transparent

It has been more than a month since CBA relaunched its Loop product. We highlighted the app’s new features in this introductory piece, but...
Mzizzi Aims to Root Out E-Commerce Hurdles for Small Businesses

E-commerce has taken over the way we shop, with companies such as Amazon and Jumia taking up the market in their respective regions. The...
Safaricom Home Fibre

How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password

If you are among the 48,000 homes to have the privilege of being connected to Safaricom's Home Fibre then this article is meant to...
Kathleen Siminyu

Machine Learning and Data Science Redefining the African Continent

With the continuous evolution of technology and new developments arising from the need to integrate technology to efficiently deliver an excellent digital consumer experience,...

World’s Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

Ever since the first phone was made available to the public, we have seen companies take up the mobile phone market and flourish in...
Muthoni Wanyoike

The Future of Data Science and AI is Promising

Did you know machine learning is behind a vast of technologies that we use today? Including online search, Netflix recommendations, natural language processing and...
Tech Tamasha in Mombasa

Techweez Tech Tamasha Mombasa: How it Happened at the Coastal City’s Swahili Box

By now, most of you may have heard about our tech conference that went live about a month ago. If you have not, then...

Fifteen 4G Smartphones that Cost Less Than 20K Shillings

Cheap smartphones are getting good and good smartphones are getting cheap. Not my words but they hold true. You no longer have to spend...
Fred Kiio

Safaricom’s DigiFarm Aims to Put More Coins in Farmers’ Pockets Through Technology

Safaricom's unstated goal is to transform lives and the company has invested heavily in value addition services that propel them to this achievement. Launched...
Dr. Chao Mbogo

KamiLimu Complements Classroom Learning with Mentorship to Foster Global Competitiveness

Did you know that mentorship is cited as one of the core factors that effectively complements classroom learning? Research has shown that mentorship alongside...
Epreneurs Sacco

Leveraging Online Opportunities to Spur Entrepreneurship: The E-Preneurs Sacco’s Story

The growth of online opportunities has seen a notable development in the local scene, where people from all walks of life, especially the youth,...
Margaret Odeng

Tell More Women in Tech Success Stories Over Challenges Faced – Margaret Ondeng

Margaret, a software developer encourages women to tell more success stories and shares remarkable journey in technology.

Ruth Kaveke’s Pwani Tecknowgalz Empowers Mombasa Girls with ICT Skills

Ruth Kaveke is the co-founder and executive director at Pwani Teknowgalz, a non profit organisation in Mombasa Kenya whose aim is to bridge the...
June Barasa Founder girlscode

Women in Tech Profile: June Barasa of Girls Code

GirlsCode by June Barasa, a non-profit aims to bridge the gender gap in tech by promoting women in tech literacy in Kenya.

Stream Unlimited Music & Videos in HD Quality with Snaptube

Snaptube's latest version,makes it easier than ever for its users to search, watch and download all sorts of video and music files.

I’d Never Watched a Football Match Before But Nairobi Traffic Changed That

Ever been so bored sitting in a matatu (public transport) that you start wishing you just stayed in the office or had a bike...