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Huawei CEO Considers Selling Their 5G Technology to a Western Buyer

In a bold move with the growing trade ban between China and the US, Huawei CEO proposed the idea of the tech giant sharing...
qualcomm 5G midrange smartphones

Midrange Smartphones With Qualcomm 5G Modems Are Coming Soon

The next major race in the telecommunications world is deploying 5G. The next generation of telecommunications technology promises a host of benefits, the main...
nokia cheap 5G phone

HMD Will Launch “Value” Nokia 5G Smartphone Next Year

We are in the teething stages of the rollout of 5G networks across the world. 5G capable devices are very few and very expensive....
safaricom experiencing network issues

4G Adoption in Africa Still Low Even With 5G Looming in the Horizon

Telecommunication technology advances quite slowly but the implementation is even slower. We have moved on from 2G then 3G to 4G in the past...

Huawei Revenues Grow by 30 Percent Amid U.S. Restrictions

Huawei has been on a hot seat since May 2019. The Chinese tech corporation, which has made a name for itself by building networking...
us firms to trade with huawei soon

Huawei Pursues Lawsuit Against the U.S. for ‘Unconstitutional’ Ban of its Business

  The past couple of days have been very bad for Huawei. The Chinese company is amidst a cold war in tech with the U.S....
Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei Shipped 59 Million Phones, Installed 70,000 5G Base Stations in Q1 2019

While it is not clear whether Huawei’s bad press that is rallied by the U.S. is substantiated or uncalled for, the Chinese technology equipment...
5g snapdragon 855 phones

Not All Snapdragon 855 Powered Smartphones Have 5G, Here’s Why

We are now at the cusp of 5G adoption and it has become a buzzword like how 4G was in 2011. Smartphone manufacturers have...

Huawei Announces the Launch of First 5G Commercial Network in South Africa.

Today at MWC, Huawei has announced the launch of the first 5G commercial network in South Africa, which is a big deal for the...
xiaomi mi mix 5 5g

Xiaomi Announces Refreshed Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, The Cheapest 5G Phone so Far

One of Xiaomi's most interesting products is the Mi Mix line that is characterized by its ridiculous slim bezels. They announced the Mi Mix...
huawei allowed to trade with US companies

Huawei Teases Foldable 5G Phone to Be Revealed this Month

Whether you like it or not, fold-able phones seem to be all the rage this year and it seems Huawei is joining the fun...

Lets Talk About Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge

The Facebook 10 Year challenged has been trending this past week with people sharing photos from what they looked like in 2009 and now....

Huawei and NTT DOCOMO Achieves a New Breakthrough in 5G Field Trial

Chinese tech giant Huawei and NTT DOCOMO, INC., has managed to deploy a successful joint field trial for 5G mobile communications over a long...

5G Technology Gets a Logo as Hype Around it Continues Building Up

5G is not here, yet, but that doesn't mean we should not have something visual to associate it with.

Ericsson, NTT DoCoMo On Outdoor Demo of 5G Technology

Ericsson is rolling out its 5G tests in Yokosuka, Japan. The trials which will be conducted in conjunction with NTT DoCoMo are expected to...

Europe Officially Begins Work on 5G Networks

A draft proposal on 5G networks lays out the vision for the future of cellular networks. According to this proposal 5G nets will supply...