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Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

German court lifts ban to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung can now sell the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 in all of Europe, except Germany. This follows a ruling by German court in Düsseldorf that...
Samsung Galaxy S II white

White Samsung Galaxy S II in Korea

Samsung has announced a limited edition white Samsung Galaxy S II for their Korean consumers. This smartphone will be fully white in all the casing...
Samsung ch@t 527

Samsung [email protected] 527 to be out soon, [email protected] 322’s bigger brother

Samsung chat 322 will have a big brother soon. The Samsung [email protected] 527, though no mention of it being dual sim like its counterpart...
samsung blog

Samsung denies phone release rumours

I recently wrote about a leak of Samsung product details scheduled for release in a span of time that was from "Credible sources". These...
Samsung I9250

7 new Samsung Android and 2 bada phones to be released

These leaks keep getting sweeter, and this one is huge. Samsung, even after being frustrated by court cases by Apple, has scheduled a release...
samsung chat 322

Samsung Chat 322 Review

Getting used to a dual SIM phone takes some time and practice if you’ve never used one before. If you choose one. This phone...
Galaxy S space project

Samsung sending Samsung Galaxy II into space next month

Samsung will send the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone to the moon on the 15th of July. This will be done by...