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TCRA VPN Permits regulations

Tanzanians Risk Jail Time For Using VPNs

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has moved to clamp down on the use of Virtual Private Networks in the country. TCRA  cites Regulation...

Opera Brings Free VPN to iOS, But We Still Can’t Recommend It

Opera, a known web browser that has been in existence for a very long time, is still being used by millions of people globally...

VPN Choices for Australians – Looking at the Top 3 Options

More and more Australians are learning that a VPN is the best way to ensure privacy when they are online. This is a big...
uganda blocks vpn social media tax

Uganda Blocks VPNs to Stifle Social Media Tax Dodgers

Ugandans started paying the social media tax effective from 1st July this year and this was not met with open arms by the public....

How to Mitigate Personal Information Risk to a Minimum

The usage of VPNs is growing steadily over the last few years. There are a ton of headlines associated with the lack of online...
bbc not available

How to Solve Content Not Available in Your Country

The Internet is a gateway to new possibilities, knowledge, entertainment, and a lot more. However, it has its share of problems too. For instance,...
Virtual Private Network

4 Reasons to Use Torrents with VPN

If one loves downloading living in countries like the US, the UK or China, they know why do they need a VPN. They know...

China Is Probably Cracking the Whip On Its Operators to Block Personal Access to VPNs

To say the least, the use of the internet is very restrictive in China. The Chinese people do not have access to what other...
Telkom BVPN

What Telkom Enterprise BVPN Solution For Nationwide Business Connectivity Entails

Telkom Enterprise Business VPN is available countrywide, particularly in the top 7 towns in Kenya and employs the use of fiber, radio and copper.

How to Protect Your Personal Data While Traveling to Kenya

Traveling to Kenya for business? Don’t forget about protecting your identity and personal data as well as online activity. Make sure your network is safe.

Opera Launches a Free Unlimited VPN App on the Play Store

Opera has always been one of those companies that release really welcome products for the masses and it is well known for its browsers....

Opera is now 50% more efficient than Chrome thanks to its power saving mode

Opera is on a roll. The company which is famous for its desktop and mobile browsers announced a very cool mode on its developer...

Opera has integrated a free unlimited VPN in its browser

Opera is one company we know very well thanks to their popular browsers. If you had a feature phone, you may have used Opera...

It has started: Netflix is reportedly banning Australians from viewing content from the US

Netflix is having an interesting month. They announced on CES that they have opened up their service to 130 new countries, which includes Kenya....

Blackphone BP1 Specs Now All Over Internets, Encrypted Handset Ships This June

Specs for the Blackphone BP1 crypto-handset are now at large. Processing power will be supplied by Nvidia Tegra 4i, the SoC was launched last...
Symantec SSL Certificates

Telecommuters: The Thing of the Future

As technology grows and more and more things become possible, businesses are able to expand their horizons and offer the ultimate in flexibility to...

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